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Material Intro Screen
Inspired by Heinrich Reimer Material Intro and developed with love from scratch
Prayer Times Android Azan
Prayer + Time + Android + Kotlin + Azan + Library + timezone + islamic + salah + Library aiming to calculate prayer time with one line code , if you implement prayer time application , there is no need to do this headache again .
Android Library to create Floating Action Button Animations.
Android ImageViews animated by Ken Burns Effect
Linkage Recyclerview
即使不用饿了么订餐,也请务必收藏好该库!🔥 一行代码即可接入,二级联动订餐列表。
AboutLibraries automatically detects all dependencies of a project and collects their information including the license. Optionally visualising it via the provided ui components.
Collapsingtoolbarlayout Subtitle
Standard CollapsingToolbarLayout with subtitle support
An easy-to-use, customizable and Material Design ready Pattern Lock view for Android
An android library that is able to set a vector drawable at text view pre-Lollipop.
A library that provides an implementation of the banner widget from the Material design.
Cwac Netsecurity
CWAC-NetSecurity: Simplifying Secure Internet Access
Android Graph Library for creating zoomable and scrollable line and bar graphs.
Implementation of Material Design Chips component for Android
Parallax effect on every item of your RecyclerView.
An Instagram like page indicator compatible with RecyclerView and ViewPager.
Android Json based wallpaper dashboard library
Noise is an Android wrapper for kissfft, a FFT implementation written in C.
Persistent Search View
An Android library designed to simplify the process of implementing search-related functionality.
📬 The LifecycleModel class is designed to store and manage UI-related data in a lifecycle conscious way, the LifecycleModel class allows data to survive configuration changes such as screen rotations, it also handles the communication of the Activity / Fragment with the rest of the application, base on
Android library to showcase/highlight the multiple views on same overlay
A lightweight and easy to use Android library that provides many activity transition animations.
Okhttp Json Mock
Mock your datas for Okhttp and Retrofit in json format in just a few moves
A well documented, high-level Android interface that makes printing via bluetooth printers easier
Cwac Anddown
CWAC AndDown: Markdown Utility Library
Android File Chooser
a lightweight file/folder chooser or picker
Fluidbottomnavigation Android
Fluid Bottom Navigation library for Android
Lollipop ViewAnimationUtils.createCircularReveal for everyone 4.0+
Image Zoomer
📱 Image zoom animations library for Android.
This view is for replacement of standard Floating Action Button from Google Support Library. It is easy to use, customizable and you can also add text to button
A library to create simple alerts easily with some customization.
A simple SearchView for Android based on Material Design
A fully featured Color picker Library for Android
Fancywalkthrough Android
Fancy Walkthrough is a simple and lightweight library that helps you to create cool and beautiful introduction screens for your apps without writing dozens of lines of code.
Android TextView and EditText with hashtag, mention, and hyperlink support
Easyupipayment Android
📱Android Library to implement UPI Payment integration easily in Android App 💳💸
A lightweight tool that simplifies testing of the process death scenario.
The Mailbox-like Swipe gesture library for Android
Replace bundled Strings dynamically, or provide new translations, for Android
Android Library: Set self-updating string with relative time in TextView (e.g. 5 minutes ago)
Under The Hood
Under the Hood is a flexible and powerful Android debug view library. It uses a modular template system that can be easily extended to your needs, although coming with many useful elements built-in.
CustomizableCalendar is a library that allows you to create your calendar, customizing UI and behaviour
Html Textview
TextView to display simple HTML
This is an Android library which can be used to add chat functionality to your android application with just a few lines of code.
A sweet, small set of Kotlin functions to reduce your android boilerplate code
adapter for RecyclerView to display app's oss dependencies' license
Android version of mDNSResponder
Escpos Thermalprinter Android
Useful library to help Android developpers to print with (Bluetooth, TCP, USB) ESC/POS thermal printer.
An android library that supports set various drawables to view directly in your layout.xml
WindView is an Android Library to show Weather's Wind & pressure Status
A semicircular seekbar view for selecting angle from 0° to 180° ✨
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