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🔥A delightful HTTP/HTTPS networking framework for iOS/macOS/watchOS/tvOS platforms written in Swift.
Chrome Developer Mode Extension Warning Patcher
⇒ Disable Chrome's Developer Mode Extension Warning Popup & Elision WWW/HTTPS Hiding & Debugging Extension Popup
Customizable honeypots for monitoring network traffic, bots activities and username\password credentials (DNS, HTTP Proxy, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, POP3, IMAP, STMP, RDP, VNC, SMB, SOCKS5, Redis, TELNET, Postgres and MySQL)
A powerful Cocoa web framework and HTTP server for macOS, iOS and tvOS.
Provides helper tools for creating RESTful services using Boost.Beast
Aws S3 Proxy
Reverse proxy for AWS S3 with basic authentication.
Android Upload Service
Easily upload files (Multipart/Binary/FTP out of the box) in the background with progress notification. Support for persistent upload requests, customizations and custom plugins.
Lnmp Docker
Docker for LNMP (CentOS7 + Nginx + MariaDB + PHP7 + Redis + Supervisor + WebSocket + Cron)
🐠 本库是一款Android-Http标准协议网络通讯框架,基于RxJava+NoHttp封装。支持文件上传和断点续传、文件下载和断点下载、Http协议和Https协议队列网络请求、网络请求轮询。
Python Mocket
a socket mock framework - for all kinds of socket animals, web-clients included
Simple and powerful web filter for HTTP and HTTPS traffic
Modern TCP tool and service for network performance observability.
Frpc Android
DEPRECATED. Evmongoose is an asynchronous, event(libev) based multi-protocol embedded networking library with functions including TCP, HTTP, WebSocket, MQTT and much more. It's based on mongoose and libev implementation and it's support Lua API.
⚡️ High-level, High-performance HTTP(S) Clients/Servers in Reason/OCaml
Docker Http Https Echo
Docker image that echoes request data as JSON; listens on HTTP/S, useful for debugging.
A powerful capture and injection tool for the Android platform
Actionhero is a realtime multi-transport nodejs API Server with integrated cluster capabilities and delayed tasks
Lonely Shell
poc https reverse shell
HRShell is an HTTPS/HTTP reverse shell built with flask. It is an advanced C2 server with many features & capabilities.
Simple Web Server
A very simple, fast, multithreaded, platform independent HTTP and HTTPS server and client library implemented using C++11 and Boost.Asio. Created to be an easy way to make REST resources available from C++ applications.
Fq Book
Http2 Wrapper
Use HTTP2 the same way like HTTP1
🔒 Memorable site for testing clients against bad SSL configs.
Guacamole Install Rhel 7
Apache Guacamole installation bash script for RHEL 7 and CentOS 7 including options for Nginx, HTTPS, SSL, LDAP, Let's Encrypt certificates and more
HTTP and REST client for Crystal
A simple tool to generate fake web browsing and mitigate tracking
🔥 比libevent、libuv更易用的国产网络库。A c/c++ network library for developing TCP/UDP/SSL/HTTP/WebSocket client/server.
Mutual Tls Ssl
🔐 Tutorial of setting up Security for your API with one way authentication with TLS/SSL and mutual mutual authentication for a java based web server and a client with both Spring Boot. Different clients are provided such as Apache HttpClient, OkHttp, Spring RestTemplate, Spring WebFlux WebClient Jetty and Netty, the old and the new JDK HttpClient, the old and the new Jersey Client, Google HttpClient, Unirest, Retrofit, Feign, Methanol, vertx, Scala client Finagle, Featherbed, Dispatch Reboot, AsyncHttpClient, Sttp, Akka, Requests Scala, Http4s Blaze, Kotlin client Fuel, http4k, Kohttp and ktor. Also other server examples are available such as jersey with grizzly. Also gRPC examples are included
Nginx Error Pages
Cute Error Pages for your nginx web server
Linux Engine for Asset Retrieval - speed-profiled C HTTP server
Esp8266 Iot Framework
Framework for IoT projects implementing HTTPS requests, a React web interface, WiFi manager, live dashboard, configuration manager, file manager and OTA updates.
Sites Using Cloudflare
💔 Archived list of domains using Cloudflare DNS at the time of the CloudBleed announcement.
Esp32 https server
Alternative ESP32 Webserver implementation for the ESP32 Arduino Core, supporting HTTPS and HTTP.
✭ 162
A basic tool to check security headers of a website
iOS network debugging, like a wizard 🧙‍♂️
Http Timer
🕐 Performance timings for HTTP requests
Global Agent
Global HTTP/HTTPS proxy agent configurable using environment variables.
DEPRECATED: The community driven fork of Iris. The fastest web framework for Golang!
Notes on Site Reliability Engineering. Leave a 🌟 if you found this useful!
Micro http server and client written in C++
A high performance HTTP proxy cache server and RESTful NoSQL cache server based on HAProxy
Web Development Articles
Monthly Series - Top 10 Web Development Articles
Http server is written on C++14 language. Dynamic libraries act as applications for the server (*.so - linux, *.dll - windows).
Lightweight service virtualization/API simulation tool for developers and testers
Letsencrypt Zimbra
Files to automate the deploy of letsencrypt certificates to Zimbra
A web server modeled after express in Rust.
Zan Proxy
An extensible proxy for PC/Mobile/APP developer
Cheroot is the high-performance, pure-Python HTTP server used by CherryPy. Docs -->
Serverpilot Letsencrypt
Automate the installation of Let's Encrypt SSL on the free plan of ServerPilot
基于 libcurl 的 IO 多路复用 HTTP 框架,适用于 iOS 平台,支持 HTTP/HTTPS/HTTP2/DNS(SNI)
HTTP(S)/WS(S)/TCP Tunnels to localhost using only SSH.
Watson is the fastest, easiest way to build scalable RESTful web servers and services in C#.
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