Top 2034 julia open source projects

1. Distances.jl
A Julia package for evaluating distances (metrics) between vectors.
2. Statsplots.jl
Statistical plotting recipes for Plots.jl
✭ 249
3. Measurements.jl
Error propagation calculator and library for physical measurements. It supports real and complex numbers with uncertainty, arbitrary precision calculations, operations with arrays, and numerical integration.
4. Soss.jl
Probabilistic programming via source rewriting
5. Dash.jl
Dash for Julia - A Julia interface to the Dash ecosystem for creating analytic web applications in Julia. No JavaScript required.
6. Jld2.jl
HDF5-compatible file format in pure Julia
✭ 242
7. Juliabyexample
Examples of Julia
✭ 244
8. Glvisualize.jl
Visualization library written in Julia and OpenGL
✭ 242
9. Deepneuralclassifier
Deep neural network using rectified linear units to classify hand written symbols from the MNIST dataset.
✭ 242
10. Blackboxoptim.jl
Black-box optimization for Julia
✭ 241
11. Cxxwrap.jl
Package to make C++ libraries available in Julia
✭ 238
12. Plotlyjs.jl
Julia library for plotting with plotly.js
14. Iterativesolvers.jl
Iterative algorithms for solving linear systems, eigensystems, and singular value problems
✭ 233
15. Mamba.jl
Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) for Bayesian analysis in julia
✭ 233
17. Stheno.jl
Probabilistic Programming with Gaussian processes in Julia
19. Tensoroperations.jl
Julia package for tensor contractions and related operations
✭ 230
20. Jns
jupyter notebook and lab on Raspberry Pi
21. Opticsim.jl
Optical Simulation software
✭ 228
22. Clustering.jl
A Julia package for data clustering
23. Statisticalrethinking.jl
Julia version of selected functions in the R package `rethinking`. Used in the StatisticalRethinkingStan and StatisticalRethinkingTuring projects.
✭ 227
24. Dsp.jl
Filter design, periodograms, window functions, and other digital signal processing functionality
25. Mux.jl
Middleware for Julia
26. Julia Cheat Sheet
Julia v1.0 Cheat Sheet
28. Automlpipeline.jl
A package that makes it trivial to create and evaluate machine learning pipeline architectures.
29. Decisiontree.jl
Julia implementation of Decision Tree (CART) and Random Forest algorithms
✭ 224
30. Languageserver.jl
An implementation of the Microsoft Language Server Protocol for the julia language.
31. Mlstyle.jl
Julia functional programming infrastructures and metaprogramming facilities
32. Multivariatestats.jl
A Julia package for multivariate statistics and data analysis (e.g. dimension reduction)
✭ 221
33. Metadata.jl
Metadata for registered Julia packages up to Julia v0.6. No longer maintained.
✭ 219
34. Juliaformatter.jl
An opinionated code formatter for Julia. Plot twist - the opinion is your own.
35. Timeseries.jl
Time series toolkit for Julia
✭ 217
36. Opencl.jl
OpenCL Julia bindings
✭ 216
38. Json.jl
JSON parsing and printing
✭ 216
39. Macrotools.jl
A man has written a package. A package has no name.
✭ 213
40. Pysr
Simple, fast, and parallelized symbolic regression in Python/Julia via regularized evolution and simulated annealing
41. Nearestneighbors.jl
High performance nearest neighbor data structures and algorithms for Julia.
42. Bluestyle
A Julia style guide that lives in a blue world
43. Rcall.jl
Call R from Julia
✭ 210
44. Pgfplotsx.jl
Create plots in Julia using the PGFPlots LaTeX package
45. Csv.jl
Utility library for working with CSV and other delimited files in the Julia programming language
✭ 208
46. Calculus.jl
Calculus functions in Julia
47. Graphs.jl
Working with graphs in Julia
✭ 200
48. Gridap.jl
Grid-based approximation of partial differential equations in Julia
49. Itensors.jl
A Julia library for efficient tensor computations and tensor network calculations
50. Jet.jl
scratch: experimental type checker for Julia, no need for additional type annotations
✭ 199
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