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Clustering With Deep Learning
Generic implementation for clustering with deep learning : representation learning (DNN) + clustering
A Julia package for data clustering
Python re-implementation of the spectral clustering algorithm in the paper "Speaker Diarization with LSTM"
The TensorFlow reference implementation of 'GEMSEC: Graph Embedding with Self Clustering' (ASONAM 2019).
Vector AI — A platform for building vector based applications. Encode, query and analyse data using vectors.
Uci Ml Api
Simple API for UCI Machine Learning Dataset Repository (search, download, analyze)
Timeseries Clustering Vae
Variational Recurrent Autoencoder for timeseries clustering in pytorch
Fast and memory-efficient clustering
An interactive heatmap visualization built using D3.js
R Package for Time Series Clustering Along with Optimizations for DTW
This repository contains the source code and data for reproducing results of Deep Continuous Clustering paper
GSDMM: Short text clustering
A Pytorch implementation of "Splitter: Learning Node Representations that Capture Multiple Social Contexts" (WWW 2019).
Micro Cluster
Run multiple micro servers and a front proxy at a time
Flexsearch Server
High-performance FlexSearch Server for Node.js (Cluster)
Asynchronous Block-Level Storage Replication
A news recommendation system tailored for user communities
Density Based Clustering of Applications with Noise (DBSCAN) and Related Algorithms - R package
An open-source library of algorithms to analyse time series in GPU and CPU.
A sparsity aware implementation of "Deep Autoencoder-like Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Community Detection" (CIKM 2018).
Instance Segmentation With Discriminative Loss Tensorflow
Tensorflow implementation of "Semantic Instance Segmentation with a Discriminative Loss Function"
R/shiny interface for interactive visualization of data in SummarizedExperiment objects
Python Clustering Exercises
Jupyter Notebook exercises for k-means clustering with Python 3 and scikit-learn
Docker Blinkt Workshop
Get into physical computing with Docker and Raspberry Pi
Docker Rabbitmq Cluster
Cluster RabbitMQ (official docker image)
A Python 3 library making time series data mining tasks, utilizing matrix profile algorithms, accessible to everyone.
Practical Machine Learning With Python
Master the essential skills needed to recognize and solve complex real-world problems with Machine Learning and Deep Learning by leveraging the highly popular Python Machine Learning Eco-system.
Get a consensus recipe for your next meal. 🍪 🍰
Qlik Py Tools
Data Science algorithms for Qlik implemented as a Python Server Side Extension (SSE).
Clustering / Subspace Clustering Algorithms on MATLAB
Pt Dec
PyTorch implementation of DEC (Deep Embedding Clustering)
A web-based GUI for managing and monitoring the Pacemaker High-Availability cluster resource manager
An extensible C++ library of Hierarchical Bayesian clustering algorithms, such as Bayesian Gaussian mixture models, variational Dirichlet processes, Gaussian latent Dirichlet allocation and more.
Tiny ml
numpy 实现的 周志华《机器学习》书中的算法及其他一些传统机器学习算法
A Python implementation of Girvan-Newman algorithm
Adaptive clustering
Lightweight and Accurate Point Cloud Clustering
Cluster images based on image content using a pre-trained deep neural network, optional time distance scaling and hierarchical clustering.
🏗 Statistical models for biomolecular dynamics 🏗
A suite of classification clustering algorithm implementations for Java. A number of partitional, hierarchical and density-based algorithms including DBSCAN, k-Means, k-Medoids, MeanShift, Affinity Propagation, HDBSCAN and more.
Implementation of Gaussian Mixture Variational Autoencoder (GMVAE) for Unsupervised Clustering
K means
A Python implementation of k-means clustering algorithm
Janus Cloud
a cluster solution for Janus WebRTC server, by API proxy approach
Flutter map marker cluster
Provides beautiful animated marker clustering functionality for flutter_map. Inspired by Leaflet.markercluster
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