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Text Cnn Tensorflow
Convolutional Neural Networks for Sentence Classification(TextCNN) implements by TensorFlow
Code Confuse Plugin
iOS代码混淆插件;A plugin to confuse codes in iOS Platform.
A package that makes it trivial to create and evaluate machine learning pipeline architectures.
Scalable Time Series Data Analytics
Apparel detection using deep learning
Timeseries fastai
fastai V2 implementation of Timeseries classification papers.
PyTorch*-based Neural Network Compression Framework for enhanced OpenVINO™ inference
Magnetloss Pytorch
PyTorch implementation of a deep metric learning technique called "Magnet Loss" from Facebook AI Research (FAIR) in ICLR 2016.
Mobilenet V2
A Complete and Simple Implementation of MobileNet-V2 in PyTorch
An intuitive library to extract features from time series
Bert distill
BERT distillation(基于BERT的蒸馏实验 )
Bonnet and then some! Deep Learning Framework for various Image Recognition Tasks. Photogrammetry and Robotics Lab, University of Bonn
Laravel Categories
Rinvex Categorizable is a polymorphic Laravel package, for category management. You can categorize any eloquent model with ease, and utilize the power of Nested Sets, and the awesomeness of Sluggable, and Translatable models out of the box.
Nlp classification
Implementing nlp papers relevant to classification with PyTorch, gluonnlp
Official Pytorch Implementation of: "Asymmetric Loss For Multi-Label Classification"(2020) paper
Sentinel2 Cloud Detector
Sentinel Hub Cloud Detector for Sentinel-2 images in Python
Uci Ml Api
Simple API for UCI Machine Learning Dataset Repository (search, download, analyze)
Mem absa
Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis using End-to-End Memory Networks
PaddlePaddle to ONNX model converter
Enhance your WordPress content with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning services.
Hms Ml Demo
HMS ML Demo provides an example of integrating Huawei ML Kit service into applications. This example demonstrates how to integrate services provided by ML Kit, such as face detection, text recognition, image segmentation, asr, and tts.
A tiny and standalone javascript library for classification and basic statistics :
Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network Text Classifier
My (slightly modified) Keras implementation of the Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network (RCNN) described here:
Sparse Evolutionary Artificial Neural Networks
Always sparse. Never dense. But never say never. A repository for the Adaptive Sparse Connectivity concept and its algorithmic instantiation, i.e. Sparse Evolutionary Training, to boost Deep Learning scalability on various aspects (e.g. memory and computational time efficiency, representation and generalization power).
Deep Learning For Image Processing
deep learning for image processing including classification and object-detection etc.
Cnn Svm
An Architecture Combining Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Linear Support Vector Machine (SVM) for Image Classification
Misp Taxonomies
Taxonomies used in MISP taxonomy system and can be used by other information sharing tool.
Lstm Music Genre Classification
Music genre classification with LSTM Recurrent Neural Nets in Keras & PyTorch
Mstar deeplearning project
Radar target classification, detection and recognition using deeplearning methods on MSTAR dataset
PointNet++: Deep Hierarchical Feature Learning on Point Sets in a Metric Space
R package for automation of machine learning, forecasting, feature engineering, model evaluation, model interpretation, data generation, and recommenders.
PointASNL: Robust Point Clouds Processing using Nonlocal Neural Networks with Adaptive Sampling (CVPR 2020)
Direct Graphical Models (DGM) C++ library, a cross-platform Conditional Random Fields library, which is optimized for parallel computing and includes modules for feature extraction, classification and visualization.
Applied Ml
Code and Resources for "Applied Machine Learning"
Snape is a convenient artificial dataset generator that wraps sklearn's make_classification and make_regression and then adds in 'realism' features such as complex formating, varying scales, categorical variables, and missing values.
Sign Language Alphabet Recognizer
Simple sign language alphabet recognizer using Python, openCV and tensorflow for training Inception model (CNN classifier).
Color recognition
🎨 Color recognition & classification & detection on webcam stream / on video / on single image using K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN) is trained with color histogram features by OpenCV.
A PyTorch implementation of Dynamic Graph CNN for Learning on Point Clouds (DGCNN)
Two-Stage Convolutional Neural Network for Breast Cancer Histology Image Classification. ICIAR 2018 Grand Challenge on BreAst Cancer Histology images (BACH)
PyTorch Implementation of Stacked U-Nets (SUNets)
Darknet2ncnn converts the darknet model to the ncnn model
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