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Best Of Python Dev
🏆 A ranked list of awesome python developer tools and libraries. Updated weekly.
MBeautifier is a MATLAB source code formatter, beautifier. It can be used directly in the MATLAB Editor and it is configurable.
Type-safe, functional string formatting in Swift.
Code formatter for Lua
✭ 244
💅 The formatter for the modern web
Webpack Messages
Beautifully format Webpack messages throughout your bundle lifecycle(s)!
Simple Text Formetter (Credit Card Number, Phone Number, Serial Number etc.) Can be used in all text inputs according to the format pattern. If desired, large minor character restrictions can be made in the format pattern.
Nginx Config Formatter
nginx config file formatter/beautifier written in Python.
Pp sql
Rails ActiveRecord SQL queries log beautifier
An opinionated code formatter for Julia. Plot twist - the opinion is your own.
Godot Gdscript Toolkit
Independent set of GDScript tools - parser, linter and formatter
Powershell Beautifier
A whitespace reformatter and code cleaner for Windows PowerShell and PowerShell Core
Formats docstrings to follow PEP 257
Graphql Parser
A graphql query language and schema definition language parser and formatter for rust
A formatter for Nix code
Php Textile
Textile markup language parser for PHP
Format and prettify HCL files
A JavaScript (JSON) tool for Notepad++ (formerly JSMinNpp) and Visual Studio Code.
stylefmt is a tool that automatically formats stylesheets.
Logrus Prefixed Formatter
Logrus Prefixed Log Formatter
A formatter for localized day periods (morning, afternoon, night, etc.)
Nixpkgs Fmt
Nix code formatter for nixpkgs [[email protected]]
Dfmt is a formatter for D source code
Automatically install and maintain ESLint, Prettier, EditorConfig and Airbnb rules for JavaScript, TypeScript and React.
Xk Time
xk-time 是时间转换,时间计算,时间格式化,时间解析,日历,时间cron表达式和时间NLP等的工具,使用Java8,线程安全,简单易用,多达70几种常用日期格式化模板,支持Java8时间类和Date,轻量级,无第三方依赖。
A formatter for Python files
Vim Autoformat
Provide easy code formatting in Vim by integrating existing code formatters.
Prettier config that randomizes options and arbitrarily switches between spaces and tabs 🙄
Library for operating with monetary values in JavaScript and Typescript 💵
📝 Spreadsheet Number Formatter
Prettier Plugin Apex
Code formatter for the Apex Programming Language
A TOML toolkit written in Rust
DrString finds issues in your Swift docstrings and fixes them for you.
Lua Fmt
lua-fmt is pretty-printer for Lua code
ICU MessageFormat implementation for .NET.
✭ 129
Vue Filters Kit
A collection of useful custom filters for Vue.js(v2.x.x) apps.
Editorconfig Netbeans
A NetBeans IDE plugin supporting the EditorConfig standard. ⛺
Auto Correct
Automatically add whitespace between CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) and half-width characters (alphabetical letters, numerical digits and symbols).
Javascript Number Formatter
Lightweight & Fast JavaScript Number Formatter
A Visual Studio extension
Atom Beautify
📣 Help Wanted - Looking for Maintainer: | 💄 Universal beautification package for Atom editor (⚠️ Currently migrating to and have very limited bandwidth for Atom-Beautify Issues. Thank you for your patience and understanding ❤️ )
Pretty Yaml
PyYAML-based module to produce pretty and readable YAML-serialized data
An Xcode formatter plug-in to format your swift code.
Codeview is an Android library that lets you preview code in webview very easy and simple with highlights and colors.
🔮 Magical import declarations formatter for Xcode
Kibana Object Format
A Kibana plugin for displaying objects and arrays of objects.
Laravel Oh Generators
This package extends the core file generators that are included with Laravel 5 or later.
A linter, formatter for finding and removing unused import statements.
UITextField subclass for formatting phone numbers. Allow different formats for different countries(patterns).
Swift package for easily rendering text tables. Inspired by the Python tabulate library.
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