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Ionic Cache
Ionic and Angular cache service with IndexedDB, SQLite and WebSQL support
Ng Pokedex
🐵 Pokedex progressive web app built with Angular
Ng Drag Drop
Drag & Drop for Angular - based on HTML5 with no external dependencies. 🎉
Ng2 Image Upload
Angular 2 component for image uploading
Ngx File Drop
Angular 11 file and folder drop library
Ngx Facebook
Angular TypeScript Wrapper for Facebook SDK
Angular4 Docker Example
Efficiently Dockerized Angular CLI example app
Ngx Avatar
Universal avatar component for angular 2+ applications makes it possible to fetch / generate avatar from different sources
Awesome Ionic2 Components
Should help you to get awesome components and plugins for Ionic2
Angular2 Jsonapi
A lightweight Angular 2 adapter for JSON API
Angular2 Express Mongoose Gulp Node Typescript
AngularJS 2 (Updated to 4.2.0) Mean Stack application which uses Angular2, Gulp, Express, Node, MongoDB (Mongoose) with Repository Pattern Business Layer
PinWork(Pinterest for bloggers) built with ❤️ using Angular2 (4.0.0)
Truly Ui
Truly-UI - Web Angular UI Components for Desktop Applications (Electron, NW, APP JS)
Growth Ionic
[v2.0 DEPRECATED, please update to Growth 3.0] Growth - App to help you Be Awesome Developer & Awesome Hacker
Angular implementation of well known Gridster (no jQuery, no external libraries, only Angular and Rx.js).
Rdash Angular2
RDash admin dashboard theme /w AngularJS2 & TypeScript
Ngx Popper
An angular wrapper for popper.js, great for tooltips and positioning popping elements
Angular2 Login Seed
(deprecated) Seed app w/ Angular2, Node, Express, and OAuth login
Ng2 Nouislider
Angular2 noUiSlider directive
Angular2 Hotkeys
Keyboard shortcuts for Angular 2 apps
Ngx Wig
Angular(...Angular 7, Angular 8, Angular 9, Angular 10, Angular 11) WYSIWYG HTML Rich Text Editor (from ngWig -
Ionic2 Rating
⭐️ Angular star rating bar. Built for Ionic 2+.
Angular Debugging and Visualization Tools
Angular Notifier
A well designed, fully animated, highly customizable, and easy-to-use notification library for your Angular application.
Angular Truffle Starter Dapp
Angular CLI + Truffle Starter Dapp; write, compile & deploy smart contracts on Ethereum blockchains
Ngx Inline Editor
Native UI Inline-editor Angular (4.0+) component
Ngx Daterangepicker Material
Pure Angular 2+ date range picker with material design theme, a demo here:
Run your web apps easily with a complete platform that you can install on any server. Build composable microservices and lambdas.
Ngx Qrcode
An Angular 9/10 Component Library for Generating QR (Quick Response) Codes
Angular Development With Primeng
Code samples from the book "Angular UI Development with PrimeNG"
Ngx Gauge
A highly customizable Gauge component for Angular 9+ apps and dashboards
Ngx Mqtt
This library isn't just a wrapper around MQTT.js for angular. It uses observables and takes care of subscription handling and message routing.
Angular2 Flask
Simple angular2 app with python-flask backend ( Learning Angular2 )
Angular2 Crud Rest
Sample Angular (2.x and 4.x) app: CRUD example + routing
Ng2 Pdfjs Viewer
An angular 8 component for PDFJS and ViewerJS (Supports angular 2/4/5/6/7)
Ng2 Finance
Finance dashboard using Yahoo's public APIs.
Angular5 Iot Dashboard
Multipurpose dashboard admin for IoT softwares, remote control, user interface. Develop your client dashboards in Angular 5 with vast variety of components available.
Ionic2 Pokedex
🎮 Pokédex sample app developed with Ionic 2, Angular 2 and Apache Cordova. Using Pokéapi as source for data.
A client tool to help create, debug and monitor Azure Batch Applications
Angular Cesium
JavaScript library for creating map based web apps using Cesium and Angular
Amazing Time Picker
Timepicker (Clock Picker) for Angular 2, Angular 4 and Angular 5, Angular 6, Angular 7 - Compatible with Angular Material
Ionic3 Components
A project full of ionic 3 components and samples - to make life easier :)
Ng2 Search Filter
Angular 2 / Angular 4 / Angular 5 custom pipe npm module to make a search filter on any input, 🔥 100K+ downloads
Ngx Date Fns
⏳ date-fns pipes for Angular 2.0 and above ⏳
Strongly Typed Client API Generators generate strongly typed client APIs in C# .NET and in TypeScript for jQuery and Angular 2+ from ASP.NET Web API and .NET Core Web API
Angular2 Spring
Angular 2+ and Spring Integration
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