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Awesome Blockchain Kor
<블록체인의 정석>, <하이퍼레저 블록체인 개발> 소스코드 및 참고자료 저장소
Quick Picture Viewer
🖼️ Lightweight, versatile desktop image viewer for Windows. The best replacement for the default Windows photo viewer.
Ico Contracts
Ethereum smart contracts that have been used during successful ICOs
Free Bulma ICO / Crypto template
Awesome Token Sale
Curated list of token sale resources / ICO resources
Neo Ico Template
An ICO Template for NEO projects
Awesome Crowdsales
A curated list of ICO repositories that produced ERC20/ERC223 tokens
Backend Ico Dashboard
Free & open-source dashboard for your next ICO, crowdsale or tokensale
Laravel Sync Migration
Developer tool helps to sync migrations without refreshing the database
The Responsible Initial Coin Offering Framework
Smart Contracts
Ethereum smart contracts for security and utility tokens
Linearicons is the highest quality set of line icons, matching with minimalist UI designs in iOS.
Ethereum Ico Contract
Tested Ethereum ICO Contract for Token Crowdsales
Track your cryptocurrencies from your Osx menubar
Smartift Contract
The solidity code for the SIFT smart contract.
Tool for embedding .ico & manifest resources in Go programs for Windows.
lightweight lossless file minifier/optimizer
Ico Check
Background checks and due diligence for crypto projects
Token Wizard
(Discontinued) TokenWizard is an DApp to create and manage crowdsale and token contracts using a simple UI
Fast Picture Viewer with compact UI, that can be hidden. Features image effects, galleries, image info and more. The app can automatically adjusts itself to your screen.
A purely client-side wallet and direct interface showcasing the full functionality of Ripple / blockchain.
cindicator tokensale
Contracts for Cindicator ICO
This is a white label solution to create a contribution crypto-wallet that can be used in your ICO campaign.
Reversible ICO prototype written in JavaScript for exploration and testing.
Convert PNG to ICO in memory
Extract icons from Windows PE files (.exe/.dll)
Free & open-source dashboard for your next ICO, crowdsale or tokensale
ICNS2ICO lets you easily convert icons from the Apple's ICNS format to the Windows ICO format.
Icons for windows git repository folders. Different versions are available for each Windows iteration.
Awesome Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) Truths - The Art of the Steal - The Scammers' Big Lies ++ ICO tokens are like bitcoins, ICOs are like IPOs, ICO White Papers are like "Due Diligence" Inverstor Prospectus, ...
Smart contracts for the Reversible ICO (rICO)
Retrieve data from ICObench
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