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Top 150 engineering open source projects

gdbghidra - a visual bridge between a GDB session and GHIDRA
A Python frontend to CGAL's mesh generators.
How Companies Hire
An inside look into how top tech companies hire
Security content
Splunk Security Content
AutoCAD Code Pack: A powerful library that helps you to develop AutoCAD plugins using the AutoCAD .NET API
An Application built for students to access Notes , Question Papers , Syllabus and Resources for all Subjects of O.U (Osmania University) 📘👨‍🎓
Routed Gothic
A clean vintage drafting, avionics, routed signage, and keyboard legend font.
📚 The Open Source Education Initiative – a repository with resources for 60+ engineering subjects. Let's make education more open and accessible! 🚀✨
Fluid dynamics component of Chemical Engineering Design Library (ChEDL)
React Roadmap
【🔥持续更新中】React 前端工程师实战学习路线
✭ 149
Cs193p Fall 2017
These are the lectures, slides, reading assignments, and problem sets for the Developing Apps for iOS 11 with Swift 4 CS193p course offered at the Stanford School of Engineering and available on iTunes U.
Pydy Tutorial Human Standing
PyDy tutorial materials for MASB 2014, PYCON 2014, and SciPy 2014/2015.
Soda Js
A Javascript-based library for accessing the SODA2 API.
A 3D structural engineering finite element library for Python.
Soda Ruby
A RubyGem for the Socrata Open Data API
🐦Some of the egret tutorial -《白鹭引擎笔记》
Engineering Blog
📝 We write about our technologies and the problems we handle at scale.
This is the official source code of FreeCAD, a free and opensource multiplatform 3D parametric modeler. Issues are managed on our own bug tracker at
Nokia Book
NOKIA Book covers selected aspects of the telecommunication industry programmer's work
Python bindings for OpenCASCADE via pybind11.
📚 Library of psychrometric functions to calculate 🌡️ thermodynamic properties of air for Python, C, C#, Fortran, R, JavaScript and VBA/Excel
Orthogonal polynomials in all shapes and sizes.
Accurate sums and dot products for Python.
Node.JS library for serializing/deserializing FHIR resources between JS/JSON and XML using various node.js XML libraries
Soda Php
A simple library to make it easier to access SODA services from PHP
Desktop / Console application for updating Socrata datasets automatically.
Documentation for Phase 4 Ground
Constant Vigilance
Learn this if you want to be a software engineer. Constant vigilance means being continually aware of areas that need improvement. For me, I am constantly searching for valuable resources to ensure I am able to solve any problem that comes my way.
PyFlo is an open-source library written in Python for performing hydraulic and hydrology stormwater analysis. Features include network hydraulic grade analysis and time/iteration based storage and flood routing simulations.
1801 series ULA reverse engineering
input/output for many mesh formats
Classical Aerodynamics of potential flow using Python and Jupyter Notebooks
Covid 19
Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases, provided by JHU CSSE
Eng Practices Cn
Awesome Mecheng
Awesome Mechanical Engineering Resources
Awesome Scientific Computing
😎 Curated list of awesome software for numerical analysis and scientific computing
Data Engineering Book
Accumulated knowledge and experience in the field of Data Engineering
Numerical integration (quadrature, cubature) in Python
Golang Restful API Framework for Productivity
Cs193p Winter 2017
These are the lectures, slides, reading assignments, and problem sets for the 'Developing iOS 10 Apps with Swift' CS193p course offered at the Stanford School of Engineering and available on iTunes U.
TensorBase BE is building a high performance, cloud neutral bigdata warehouse for SMEs fully in Rust.
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