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Prettier Github
Format code in GitHub comments with Prettier
πŸ’… The formatter for the modern web
Tslint Plugin Prettier
Runs Prettier as a TSLint rule and reports differences as individual TSLint issues
React Starter Kit
React, Redux, Webpack, Material UI, Boostrap 4, Code Splitting, HMR
Prettier Plugin Organize Imports
Make Prettier organize your imports using the TypeScript language service API.
Prettier Tslint
Code ➑️ prettier ➑️ tslint --fix ➑️ Formatted Code ✨
Modern Node
All-in-one development toolkit for creating node modules with Jest, Prettier, ESLint, and Standard
React Luo
React Automatically - δΏζŒζœ€ζ–°ζŠ€ζœ― react17 hooks router5 webpack5 babel7 antd4
Prettier Plugin Sort Imports
A prettier plugin to sort imports in typescript and javascript files by the provided RegEx order.
Prettier Chrome
🎨 An extension that can run Prettier in the browser
Prettier Ruby
Prettier for ruby
Prettier Plugin Tailwind
Sort tailwind classes in HTML with Prettier.
Mullet Stack: Facebook in the front. Walmart in the back. (React, Hapijs, Node)
An Opinionated Neovim Config for the Minimalists
Stylelint Prettier
Stylelint plugin for Prettier formatting
Wadler's "A prettier printer" embedded pretty-printer DSL for Swift
Eslint Config Wesbos
No-Sweatβ„’ Eslint and Prettier Setup - with or without VS Code
πŸ‘¦ Lad is the best Node.js framework. Made by a former Express TC and Koa team member.
Automatically install and maintain ESLint, Prettier, EditorConfig and Airbnb rules for JavaScript, TypeScript and React.
Prettier Stylelint
code > prettier > stylelint > formatted code
Eslint Plugin Prettier
ESLint plugin for Prettier formatting
Prettier Plugin Solidity
Prettier plugin for Solidity
Prettier config that randomizes options and arbitrarily switches between spaces and tabs πŸ™„
Prettier Plugin Apex
Code formatter for the Apex Programming Language
React Native Boilerplate
A React Native boilerplate with Expo, Redux, React Navigation, Styled Components and some πŸ’• included.
Nextjs Ts
Opinionated Next JS project boilerplate with TypeScript and Redux
Prettier Schematic
Add Prettier to an Angular project
Pretty Quick
⚑ Get Pretty Quick
A Visual Studio extension
Simple Boilerplate
A simple webpack boilerplate for your comfortable work with HTML, JS and CSS.
πŸŒ€ Zero-config ESLint toolchain with sensible defaults.
Lecture Frontend Dev Env
"[μΈν”„λŸ°] ν”„λ‘ νŠΈμ—”λ“œ κ°œλ°œν™˜κ²½μ˜ 이해와 μ‹€μŠ΅" κ°•μ˜ μ‹€μŠ΅ μžλ£Œμž…λ‹ˆλ‹€.
Landing page for event React Conf Brazil
Simple React Calendar
A simple react based calendar component to be used for selecting dates and date ranges
React Boilerplate
This project is deprecated. Please use CRA instead.
Prettier Package Json
Prettier formatter for package.json files
Vim Prettier
A Vim plugin for Prettier
React Redux Saucepan
A minimal and universal react redux starter project. With hot reloading, linting and server-side rendering
Parallel Prettier
Concurrent prettier runner
Plugin Php
Prettier PHP Plugin
my personal website
Prettier action
GitHub action for running prettier on your projects pull requests
Eleventy Webpack
A barebone Eleventy and Webpack boilerplate 🎈
Vue Web Extension
πŸ› οΈ A Vue CLI 3+ preset (previously a Vue CLI 2 boilerplate) for quickly starting a web extension with Vue, Babel, ESLint and more!
Atom Auto Prettier
An Atom package that semantically reformats Javascript based on the window size
Quickapp Boilerplate Template
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