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🔏 Pure Browser To Browser Chat (STUN & ICE Servers optional)
Cross browser audio/video/screen recording. It supports Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge. It even works on Android browsers. It follows latest MediaRecorder API standards and provides similar APIs.
🎥 Cuckoo - A free anonymous video-calling web application built with WebRTC and React that provides peer-to-peer video and audio communication in a web browser with no plugins or extensions required.
RTCMultiConnection is a WebRTC JavaScript library for peer-to-peer applications (screen sharing, audio/video conferencing, file sharing, media streaming etc.)
React Webrtc
Video chat using webRTC and react
Workerman Webrtc
php webrtc demo based on workerman
A HTML5, JS, CSS Camera interface template. Feel free to use it in your next Computer Vision or AI project.
WebRTC Web demos and samples
Translator.js is a JavaScript library built top on Google Speech-Recognition & Translation API to transcript and translate voice and text. It supports many locales and brings globalization in WebRTC!
Learning Webrtc
Codes and notes while learning webrtc
Video Chat App
Simple P2P Text/Voice/Video chat client. Works on Chrome and Firefox, Platforms: Android, Windows, Linux, Mac. Just open the link in Browser, You don't need any extra tools for Video Chat.
Webrtc Demo
webrtc 演示示例
音视频学习,相关文件格式/协议分析。h264 nalu aac adts flv
Webrtc Text Chat Tutorial
WebRTC Chat Tutorial for Scaledrone Realtime Messaging Service
Webrtc android
webrtc VideoCall VideoConference 视频通话 视频会议
A reference gradle project that let you explore WebRTC Android in Android Studio.
DetectRTC is a tiny JavaScript library that can be used to detect WebRTC features e.g. system having speakers, microphone or webcam, screen capturing is supported, number of audio/video devices etc.
Starrtc Web Demo
This Sample Python Application demonstrates the use of EnableX Platform Server APIs and JavaScript Toolkit to develop basic one to one video chat application. It allows developers to ramp up on app development by hosting on their own devices.
Cross-platform Webrtc support for Unity apps ☁🎲
WebRtc noise suppression
This is WebRtc noise suppression module demo.
Most simple example of use NextRTC (WebRTC signaling server written in java) where two people can setup video call (treat it like prototype!)
This Sample PHP Application demonstrates the use of EnableX webRTC Platform Server APIs and JavaScript Toolkit to develop one to one real time communication (RTC) application. It allows developers to ramp up on app development by hosting on their own devices.
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