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System Design Primer
Learn how to design large-scale systems. Prep for the system design interview. Includes Anki flashcards.
Butterfly Server
The Everything is Real-Time C# Backend for Single Page Applications
Dashboard is software for creating web apps and SaaS (support @ freenode #userdashboard)
An opinionated guideline to structure & develop a Go web application/service
Go Mysql Crud
Example crud operation using Golang and MySql
Realtime Web Apps and Dashboards for Python and R
Aws S3 Proxy
Reverse proxy for AWS S3 with basic authentication.
Meemo - Your personal notes
Journal Aws Amplify Tutorial
Step by step tutorial to build a personal journal web app with aws-amplify
Create Discord server widgets for websites of all sizes! A simple to setup process for end-users. Server members may view or send messages into an embedded Discord channel.
Creative apps to use, build, share, and hack in the browser.
Web-based music player for the cloud ☁️ 🎶 Play music from YouTube, Dropbox, etc.
A demo webapp to convert images and videos into cartoon!
Node Red Contrib Uibuilder
Easily create data-driven web UI's for Node-RED using any (or no) front-end library. VueJS and bootstrap-vue included but change as desired.
Web App Monitor
Uwsgi Nginx Flask Docker
Docker image with uWSGI and Nginx for Flask applications in Python running in a single container. Optionally with Alpine Linux.
Share Api Polyfill
A polyfill for the sharing that can be used in desktop too, so your users can shere in their twitter, facebook, messenger, linkedin, sms, e-mail, print, telegram or whatsapp.
Strongly typed front-end framework
Play Scala Websocket Example
Example Play Scala application showing WebSocket use with Akka actors
Traceroute Mapper
Map your traceroutes easily.
The ONLY hacker friendly proxy for webapp pentests.
React Native Open Project
可能是目前最用心收集的 React Native 优秀开源项目大全,公众号【aMarno】
Spellbook Of Modern Webdev
A Big Picture, Thesaurus, and Taxonomy of Modern JavaScript Web Development
Java script webapp that analyzes your WhatsApp Chat history locally on your machine.
Pixel Editor
An online canvas based Pixel Art creation tool for
Web App: Download just a sub directory from a GitHub repo.
Startup Landing
Collection of free top of the line startup landing templates built using react/nextjs/gatsby. Free to download, simply edit and deploy! Updated weekly!
玩转 IFTTT 体验极客生活,互联网自动化神器【已经停止开发】
Sharry is a self-hosted file sharing web application.
Active Directory B2c Dotnet Webapp And Webapi
A combined sample for a .NET web application that calls a .NET Web API, both secured using Azure AD B2C
Play Java Starter Example
Play starter project in Java (ideal for new users!)
Learning Pwa
📱some samples and blogs about how to start with your first PWA
This repository is about the OwnHealthRecord Application Web App
Active Directory B2c Dotnetcore Webapp
An ASP.NET Core web application that can sign in a user using Azure AD B2C, get an access token using MSAL.NET and call an API.
WAScan - Web Application Scanner
Mishkal is an arabic text vocalization software
⚔ 一个采集工具箱,据说是一个用于采集各种 WEB 资源的工作站?!你可以认为这是一个框架,可拓展。淘宝、天猫、苏宁、国美 等电商平台数据采集... 一键邀请 一键打包 账号登录获取Cookie 任务多线程 下载内容管理 实时日志 dll 热更新 无边框窗体 Web App, CefSharp, WebDriver
ePub viewer with dictionary, themes, search, offline support, and more
🕒 ツイートを使って生活習慣の乱れを可視化するWebアプリ
Fifa21 Autobuyer
Fifa 21 AutoBuyer / Snipping Bot for fifa 21 ultimate team web app with captcha solver
Terminal In React
👨‍💻 A component that renders a terminal
React Template Easily
Rust Webapp Starter
Rust single page webapp written in actix-web with vuejs.
hiboot is a high performance web and cli application framework with dependency injection support
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