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Top 75 h264 open source projects

A Swift wrapper for the FFmpeg API
jMuxer - a simple javascript mp4 muxer that works in both browser and node environment.
🍭 FlvPlayer.js is a JavaScript player for decode flv to the canvas
Obs Ios Camera Source
Use your iPhone camera as a video source in OBS Studio and stream high quality video from your iPhone's camera over USB
Media Stream Library Js
JavaScript library to handle media streams on the command line (Node.js) and in the browser.
Camera and Microphone streaming library via RTMP, HLS for iOS, macOS, tvOS.
Pure JavaScrip HTML5 live stream player
FFMediaToolkit is a cross-platform video decoder/encoder library for .NET that uses FFmpeg native libraries. It supports video frames extraction, reading stream metadata and creating videos from bitmaps in any format supported by FFmpeg.
Ott Packager
OTT/ABR streaming encoder (H264/HEVC) and packager for DASH and HLS
Nginx Http Flv Module
Media streaming server based on nginx-rtmp-module. In addtion to the features nginx-rtmp-module provides, HTTP-FLV, GOP cache and VHOST (one IP for multi domain names) are supported now.
RTMP Server , RTMP Pusher , RTMP Client
Ffmpeg Android
FFmpeg for Android compiled with x264, libass, fontconfig, freetype, fribidi and lame (Supports Android 4.1+)
Node Tcp Streaming Server
Experimental TCP video streaming server written in node.js. Streaming over TCP and redistributing using WebSockets.
Conv2mp4 Ps
This Powershell script will recursively search through a user-defined file path and convert all videos of user-specified file types to MP4 with H264 video and AAC audio using ffmpeg. The purpose of this script is to reduce transcoding CPU load on a media server like Plex or Emby and increase video compatibility across platforms.
CameraRtmpSDK is an audio and video based on ffmpeg SDK, is committed to creating a cross-platform audio and video sampling, encoding, mixing, protocol upload program.
Testing Video
Generator of test video files for testing your media playback devices and calibrate TV sets
音视频学习,相关文件格式/协议分析。h264 nalu aac adts flv
Video Stream.js
🔜 📼 Video stream middleware for express.js
🤟Super fast H.264/H.265 FLV player
Ksylive ios
金山云直播SDK [ iOS推流+播放 ]融合版 支持美颜滤镜(Beauty Filter)、美声(Beauty Voice)、软硬编(Software/Hardware Encoder) 、网络自适应(Network Auto Adapt)、混音(Audio Mixer)、混响(Reverb)、画中画(PIP)
H264 Bitstream Viewer
H264 bitstream viewer
✭ 23
Rtsp Simple Server
ready-to-use RTSP / RTMP server and proxy that allows to read, publish and proxy video and audio streams
H264 Live Player
A live h264 player for the browser (ideal for raspberrypi / raspicam )
Mp4composer Android
This library generate an Mp4 movie using Android MediaCodec API and apply filter, scale, trim, transcode, crop, timeScale, mute and rotate Mp4.
live video streaming server in golang
Nwjs Ffmpeg Prebuilt
FFmpeg prebuilt binaries for NW.js / Chromium
Provides an easy way to include the FFmpeg encoders in other windows applications.
Rpi Webrtc Streamer
This repo's objective is providing something like Web Cam server on the most popular Raspberry PI hardware. By integrating [WebRTC]( and Raspberry PI, we can stream the Raspberry camera feed to browser or native client which talks WebRTC.
🎞 Hardware-accelerated video transcoding using Android MediaCodec APIs. Supports cropping, concatenation, clipping, audio processing, video speed and much more.
Minimalistic H264/SVC encoder single header library
ZoneMinder is a free, open source Closed-circuit television software application developed for Linux which supports IP, USB and Analog cameras.
android 读取摄像头和麦克风,使用rtmp推流
A solution for streaming H.264, H.263, AMR, AAC using RTP on Android
Ffmpeg Build Script
The FFmpeg build script provides an easy way to build a static FFmpeg on OSX and Linux with non-free codecs included.
Node Video Lib
Node.js Video Library / MP4 & FLV parser / MP4 builder / HLS muxer
A Java client library to discover, control and manage ONVIF-supported devices.
Pythonic DJI Ryze Tello Workbench
🎥 A safe x264 wrapper for Rust.
WSA(Websocket Streaming Agent) is a stream server target for mp4/h264 streaming over websocket
Webrtc SDK for C++
Asynchronous Audio / Video Library for H264 / MJPEG / OPUS / AAC / MP2 encoding, transcoding, recording and streaming from live sources
OpenDLV - A modern microservice-based software ecosystem powered by libcluon to make vehicles autonomous.
smart rtmpd
RTMP server, smart, compact, high performance(c, c++), high concurrency, easy to maintain, easy to deploy, (supports multiple operating systems Windows and Linux, ARM, FreeBSD)
Live stream h264 encoded mp4 video on media source extensions using ffmpeg, node.js,, and express. Works in chrome, firefox, safari, and android. Not iOS compatible. Work has moved to mse-live-player repo =>
H.264 decoder extracted from FFmpeg.
Remote desktop client based on h264 steam. like splashtop and other
H.264 video Region of Interest encoding tool, using x264
A tiny WASM h.264 decoder, for node and browser
ffmpeg 4.0.2静态库从0开始一个播放器的搭建,支持rtmp、rtsp、hls、本地MP4文件播放,音视频同步,直播推流
rrtsp client
Rust high level RTSP client
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