Top 5483 powershell open source projects

1. Adtimeline
Timeline of Active Directory changes with replication metadata
2. Get Childitemcolor
Add coloring to the output of Get-ChildItem Cmdlet of PowerShell.
3. Huge Collection Of Cheatsheet
Share of my Huge Collection of Cheatsheet (Coding, Cheat, Pinouts, Command Lists, Etc.)
6. Powershell Wsl Interop
Integrate Linux commands into Windows with PowerShell and the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).
✭ 250
7. Testimo
Testimo is PowerShell module for running health checks for Active Directory (and later on any other server type) against a bunch of different tests
8. Credsleaker
Credsleaker allows an attacker to craft a highly convincing credentials prompt using Windows Security, validate it against the DC and in turn leak it via an HTTP request.
9. Servicenow Powershell
This PowerShell module provides a series of cmdlets for interacting with the ServiceNow REST API
✭ 245
10. Windowsenum
A Powershell Privilege Escalation Enumeration Script.
✭ 244
11. Uproot
Currently not updated for WMIEvent module...
✭ 242
12. Docs
This repository contains .NET Documentation.
14. Cve 2020 1350
HoneyPoC: Proof-of-Concept (PoC) script to exploit SIGRed (CVE-2020-1350). Achieves Domain Admin on Domain Controllers running Windows Server 2000 up to Windows Server 2019.
✭ 242
15. Jiraps
PowerShell module to interact with Atlassian JIRA
16. Meta Runner Power Pack
A set of Meta-runners for TeamCity
✭ 241
17. Awesome Azure
A Curated List of Azure Resources. The list provides you with enough resources to get a full overview of the services in Azure and get started with cloud computing.
18. Msgraph Sdk Powershell
Powershell SDK for Microsoft Graph
19. Somestuff
Some PowerShell Stuff
✭ 238
20. Graphical
Open-Source, Platform independent module that consumes data points as input and plots them on a 2D graph [Scatter / Bar / Line] on the PowerShell Console/Terminal
21. Processspawncontrol
Process Spawn Control is a Powershell tool which aims to help in the behavioral (process) analysis of malware. PsC suspends newly launched processes, and gives the analyst the option to either keep the process suspended, or to resume it.
✭ 238
22. Dcomrade
Powershell script for enumerating vulnerable DCOM Applications
✭ 237
23. Dbc2
DBC2 (DropboxC2) is a modular post-exploitation tool, composed of an agent running on the victim's machine, a controler, running on any machine, powershell modules, and Dropbox servers as a means of communication.
✭ 236
24. Emacs Wsl
Install and run Emacs with the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) in Windows 10.
25. Dockercompletion
Docker command completion for PowerShell.
26. Psexcel
A simple Excel PowerShell module
27. Psframework
A module that provides tools for other modules and scripts
✭ 233
28. Officedocs Sharepoint
SharePoint Server, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business documentation
29. Rsh
generate reverse shell from CLI for linux and Windows.
30. Poisonhandler
lateral movement techniques that can be used during red team exercises
✭ 233
31. Activedirectorydsc
This module contains DSC resources for deployment and configuration of Active Directory Domain Services.
32. Wmi backdoor
A PoC WMI backdoor presented at Black Hat 2015
✭ 232
33. Psslack
PowerShell module for simple Slack integration
34. Automaticpackagerestoremigrationscript
to help you move to automatic nuget package restore
✭ 230
36. Arm Ttk
Azure Resource Manager Template Toolkit
✭ 227
37. Babadook
Connection-less Powershell Persistent and Resilient Backdoor
✭ 226
39. Nemosminer
NemosMiner multi algo profit switching NVIDIA miner
40. Psteams
PSTeams is a PowerShell Module working on Windows / Linux and Mac. It allows sending notifications to Microsoft Teams via WebHook Notifications. It's pretty flexible and provides a bunch of options. Initially, it only supported one sort of Team Cards but since version 2.X.X it supports Adaptive Cards, Hero Cards, List Cards, and Thumbnail Cards. All those new cards have their own cmdlets and the old version of creating Teams Cards stays as-is for compatibility reasons.
41. Node Powershell
Easily run PowerShell from your NodeJS app
42. Azurepipelines
A single Repo to contain the source for ALL my Azure DevOps Build/Release Extensions. The packages can be found in the Azure DevOps Marketplace
43. Graphite Powershell Functions
A group of PowerShell functions that allow you to send Windows Performance counters to a Graphite Server, all configurable from a simple XML file.
✭ 222
44. Posh R2
PowerShell - Rapid Response... For the incident responder in you!
✭ 222
45. Baselinemanagement
Conversion tool used to Convert Group Policy baselines into DSC
✭ 222
46. Applicationinsights Home
Application Insights main repository for documentation of overall SDK offerings for all platforms.
47. Technet Gallery
Copies of my 'Script Center' and 'Technet Gallery' publications
✭ 219
49. Malwless
Test Blue Team detections without running any attack.
50. Powershell Yaml
PowerShell CmdLets for YAML format manipulation
✭ 219
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