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Free Programming Books
📚 Freely available programming books
Awesome Linux
🐧 A list of awesome projects and resources that make Linux even more awesome. 🐧
Awesome Crystal
💎 A collection of awesome Crystal libraries, tools, frameworks and software
Usd Resources
A curated list of USD projects and resources
Low Resource Languages
Resources for conservation, development, and documentation of low resource (human) languages.
Golang Onedrive List - 极易部įŊ˛įš„ Onedrive List æœåŠĄ
Remote Working List
A list of job boards and websites for nomadic workers seeking freelance work
High-performance immutable data structures for modern JavaScript and TypeScript applications. Functional interfaces, deep/composite operations API, mixed mutability API, TypeScript definitions, ES2015 module exports.
Awesome Heroku
A curated list of helpful Heroku resources.
A list of Swift scripting tools, frameworks & examples
Awesome Dotnet Core
🐝 A collection of awesome .NET core libraries, tools, frameworks and software
Cat Names
🐈 Get popular cat names
Simple Grid Component written in React
My Awesome Ai Bookmarks
Curated list of my reads, implementations and core concepts of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning by best folk in the world.
Csharp Source Generators
A list of C# Source Generators (not necessarily awesome) and associated resources: articles, talks, demos.
Set of handy reusable .NET components that can simplify your daily work and save your time when you copy and paste your favorite helper methods and classes from one project to another
Slip.js — UI library for manipulating lists via swipe and drag gestures
Web Launch Checklist
📋 A simple website launch checklist to keep track of the most important enrichment possibilities for a website.
Awesome C
Continuing the development of awesome-c list on GitHub
Awesome Eslint
A list of awesome ESLint plugins, configs, etc.
🧱 High-performance masonry layouts for React
Awesome Macos Screensavers
🍎 đŸ–Ĩ 🎆 A curated list of screensavers for Mac OS X
Can I Take Over Xyz
"Can I take over XYZ?" — a list of services and how to claim (sub)domains with dangling DNS records.
A list of philosophy books and resources.
A leaderboard of the top open-source e-commerce platforms. Promoting the bests for building reliable stores.
Awesome Youtubers
â–ļī¸ An awesome list of awesome YouTubers that teach about technology. Tutorials about web development, computer science, machine learning, game development, cybersecurity, and more.
Awesome Draft Js
Awesome list of Draft.js resources
Loading effect for the child views in Adapter View before binding data from service.
Awesome Json Datasets
A curated list of awesome JSON datasets that don't require authentication.
Awesome Online Ide
🌩ī¸ A list of awesome online development environments
Awesome Sqlalchemy
A curated list of awesome tools for SQLAlchemy
Awesome Choo
🌅 Awesome things related with choo framework
Singly circular & linear linked lists for ES6
C Macro Collections
Easy to use, header only, macro generated, generic and type-safe Data Structures in C
Awesome Sre Tools
A curated list of Site Reliability and Production Engineering Tools
Awesome Devtools
🤖 A curated list of in-browser bookmarklets, tools, and resources for modern full-stack software engineers.
Python Sortedcontainers
Python Sorted Container Types: Sorted List, Sorted Dict, and Sorted Set
Awesome Dev Websites
📄 A curated list of awesome developer personal websites
Comunidades En Telegram
Listado de Chats de Comunidades en Telegram
Coc Lists
Common lists for coc.nvim
Awesome Umbraco
A curated list of awesome Umbraco packages, resources and tools
Exhaustive list of hacking tools
✭ 174
A list of all Telegram bots source hosted on github.
✭ 172
Awesome Graphql
Awesome list of GraphQL
Everything you need to prepare for your technical interview
React Native List Popover
Popover to render a selectable list
Russian Words
List of Russian words
Awesome Anime Sources
A curated list of everything anime.
Awesome Computer History
An Awesome List of computer history videos, documentaries and related folklore
Javascriptstuff Db
Lists of JavaScript resources: tools, tutorials, starter projects, example code, etc.
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