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Aws Spot Bot
A simple script to automate the creation of the cheapest and most stable AWS spot instances.
Automate the creation of a lab environment complete with security tooling and logging best practices
Rvm1 Ansible
The official ansible RVM role to install and manage your Ruby versions.
自动化运维平台: 代码及应用部署CI/CD、资产管理CMDB、计划任务管理平台、SQL审核|回滚、任务调度、站内WIKI
Ansible Playbook Grapher
A command line tool to create a graph representing your Ansible playbook tasks and roles
Ansible role to rollback scripting applications like PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. in a capistrano style
Ansible Role Awx
Ansible Role - AWX
Ansible Dockerswarm
Docker Engine clustering using "Swarm Mode" and Ansible
Ansible Playbooks
Ansible Playbook for Icinga 2
Packer Centos 7
This build has been moved - see
Packer Templates
Scripts and Templates used for generating Vagrant images
An Ansible playbook to provision a host for penetration testing and CTF challenges
Nci Ansible Ui
Simple web interface for running Ansible playbooks
Capsulecorp Pentest
Vagrant VirtualBox environment for conducting an internal network penetration test
Your favorite operating systems in one place. A network-based bootable operating system installer based on iPXE.
Chef Bcpc
Bloomberg Clustered Private Cloud distribution
The CLI tool gluing Git, Docker, Helm, and Kubernetes with any CI system to implement CI/CD and Giterminism
Ansible Role Proxmox
Deploys and configures Proxmox VE 5.x/6.x clusters.
Internet-in-a-Box - Build your own LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA with a Raspberry Pi !
Ansible Rails
Ruby on Rails deployment using Ansible - with Lets Encrypt, Sidekiq, PostgreSQL, nginx & puma
Ansible Pan
Ansible modules for Palo Alto Networks NGFWs
Hands On Devops
A hands-on DevOps course covering the culture, methods and repeated practices of modern software development involving Packer, Vagrant, VirtualBox, Ansible, Kubernetes, K3s, MetalLB, Traefik, Docker-Compose, Docker, Taiga, GitLab, Drone CI, SonarQube, Selenium, InSpec, Alpine 3.10, Ubuntu-bionic, CentOS 7...
Jupyterhub Deploy Teaching
Reference deployment of JupyterHub and nbgrader on a single server
Foreman ansible
▶️ Ansible integration in Foreman
✭ 192
Laravel Deployment
📗[WIP] 追求质量的 Laravel 应用部署上线课程。
Automate With Ansible
《現代 IT 人一定要知道的 Ansible 自動化組態技巧》
Docker Php Fpm
Devilbox's PHP-FPM Docker Images
AnsiPress - Simple L(Linux) E(NGINX) M(MariaDB) P(PHP7) Shared Hosting Setup
Unconventional Java code for building web servers / services without a framework. Think dropwizard but as a seed project instead of a framework. If this project had a theme it would be break the rules but be mindful of your decisions.
Ansible Ubuntu
Ansible scripts to setup Ubuntu desktop/server
Ansible Silo
Ansible in a self-contained environment via Docker.
PromAnsible, 集成了Prometheuse(基于时间序列数据的服务监控系统)和Ansible(超级简单好用的IT自动化系统),并通过事件报警机制把二者紧密的结合在一起,并配以简单易用的WebUI,真正实现了监控-报警-处理一条龙的全自动化服务。
Ansible playbooks for managing an elementary school IT infrastructure (mostly Windows desktops)
Chrome Aws Lambda
Chromium Binary for AWS Lambda and Google Cloud Functions
Ansible Nginx Hardening
This Ansible role provides secure nginx configurations.
Ansible Role Wireguard
Ansible role for installing WireGuard VPN. Supports Ubuntu, Debian, Archlinx, Fedora and CentOS.
Ansible role to deploy scripting applications like PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. in a capistrano style
Nexus3 Oss
Ansible role to install and provision sonatype nexus3-oss
Openshift Ansible
Install and config an OpenShift 3.x cluster
Pearl is a lightweight package manager for automating reproducible environments between different systems (Linux and OSX). It can be used for dotfiles, plugins, programs and any form of code accessible via git.
Ansible Relayor
An Ansible Role for Tor Relay Operators
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