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Simple JavaScript testing framework for browsers and node.js
Log Fake
A drop in fake logger for testing with the Laravel framework.
MutPy is a mutation testing tool for Python 3.x source code
Jest Image Snapshot
✨ Jest matcher for image comparisons. Most commonly used for visual regression testing.
Database cleaner
Strategies for cleaning databases in Ruby. Can be used to ensure a clean state for testing.
A mock IDP and SP using the OpenSAML library
Cross-platform test runner written for Android and iOS projects
Phpstan Phpunit
PHPUnit extensions and rules for PHPStan
Avocado is a set of tools and libraries to help with automated testing. One can call it a test framework with benefits. Native tests are written in Python and they follow the unittest pattern, but any executable can serve as a test.
Hackable HTTP proxy for resiliency testing and simulated network conditions
A New Project to create a set of links to free Online Learning Resources for New and Experienced Software Testers.
Jest Localstorage Mock
A module to mock window.localStorage and window.sessionStorage in Jest
Kotlin Compile Testing
A library for testing Kotlin and Java annotation processors, compiler plugins and code generation
A smart stubbing system.
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Nightwatch Cucumber
[DEPRECATED] Cucumber.js plugin for Nightwatch.js.
A battle hardened testing framework for C# that's heavily inspired by Mocha and RSpec.
Shallow Render
Angular testing made easy with shallow rendering and easy mocking.
Puppeteer Examples
Puppeteer example scripts for running Headless Chrome from Node.
Swaks - Swiss Army Knife for SMTP
A configurable server for mocking/stubbing external systems during development.
Tools for test driven data-wrangling and data validation.
A Kotlin-based testing/scraping/parsing library providing the ability to analyze and extract data from HTML (server & client-side rendered). It places particular emphasis on ease of use and a high level of readability by providing an intuitive DSL. It aims to be a testing lib, but can also be used to scrape websites in a convenient fashion.
Easy regression testing for iOS accessibility
Java Testing With Spock
Code samples from the book "Java testing with Spock"
Quiz App
A repository reflecting the progress made on the "How to Build iOS Apps with Swift, TDD & Clean Architecture" YouTube series, by Caio & Mike.
Auth Tests
Always-current tests for Laravel's authentication system. Curated by the community.
Spock Reports
This project creates a global extension to Spock to create test reports.
Babel Plugin Tester
Utilities for testing babel plugins
Aprenda Go Com Testes
Aprenda Go com desenvolvimento orientado a testes
Bypass Finals
Removes final keywords from source code on-the-fly and allows mocking of final methods and classes. It can be used together with any test tool such as PHPUnit or Mockery.
React Testing Library
🐐 Simple and complete React DOM testing utilities that encourage good testing practices.
As your application grows, the effort required to test it also grows exponentially. GoReplay offers you the simple idea of reusing your existing traffic for testing, which makes it incredibly powerful. Our state of art technique allows you to analyze and record your application traffic without affecting it. This eliminates the risks that come with putting a third party component in the critical path.
Awaitility is a small Java DSL for synchronizing asynchronous operations
Junit Dataprovider
A TestNG like dataprovider runner for JUnit with many additional features
An Open Source unit test framework for Hive queries based on JUnit 4 and 5
Pester is the ubiquitous test and mock framework for PowerShell.
APIs REST simulando loja virtual para servir de estudo de testes de API de forma manual ou automatizada
Unit Testing for pytorch, based on mltest
Factory boy
A test fixtures replacement for Python
Green Coffee
Android library that allows you to run your acceptance tests written in Gherkin in your Android instrumentation tests.
Fsharp Hedgehog
Release with confidence, state-of-the-art property testing for .NET.
📦 The fastest and simplest packet manipulation lib for Python
A lightweight tool that simplifies testing of the process death scenario.
Fake Xrm Easy
The testing framework for Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 which runs on an In-Memory context and deals with mocks or fakes for you
Image comparison using node-canvas
Native ApprovalTests for C++ on Linux, Mac and Windows
🧪 A platform for testing, benchmarking, and simulating distributed and p2p systems at scale.
Testing React
Testing utilities that allow you to reuse your Storybook stories in your React unit tests!
Works On My Machine
Continuous integration done right.
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