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Android Disassembler
Disassemble ANY files including .so (NDK, JNI), Windows PE(EXE, DLL, SYS, etc), linux binaries, libraries, and any other files such as pictures, audios, etc(for fun)files on Android. Capstone-based disassembler application on android. 안드로이드 NDK 공유 라이브러리, Windows 바이너리, etc,... 리버싱 앱
schedule and materials about my presentations
LD_PRELOAD Linux rootkit (x86 & ARM)
Gnu Eprog
Embedded Programming with the GNU Toolchain
Simple and lightweight source-based multi-platform Linux distribution with musl libc.
Baremetal Arm
An ebook about bare-metal programming for ARM
An attempt with ARM64 assembly on Apple Silicon Macs
A compiler for ARM, X86, MSP430, xtensa and more implemented in pure Python
A fan-made multiplayer Super Mario Bros. style deathmatch game
Frosted: Free POSIX OS for tiny embedded devices
A library that simplifies intercepting application function calls using managed code and the .NET Core runtime
Arduino boards
Board definitions for SparkFun-manufactured AVR, ARM, and ESP-based Arduino boards.
ARM Assembly Reference Manual for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.
JTAG probe firmware for STM32F1
Grbl Advanced
Grbl-Advanced is a no-compromise, high performance, low cost alternative for CNC milling. This version of Grbl runs on a STM32F411RE / STM32F446RE Nucleo Board. Now with backlash compensation, multi-axis and Tool Table support!
Python package repository providing wheels (pre-built binaries) for Raspberry Pi
DEPRECATED, use our successor library instead
Openwrt Node Packages
OpenWrt Project Node.js packages. v10.x LTS and v12.x LTS and v14.x LTS
K8s Scw Baremetal
Kubernetes installer for Scaleway bare-metal AMD64 and ARMv7
An open framework for micro-controller software
linux elf injector for x86 x86_64 arm arm64
JavaScript* Runtime for Zephyr* OS
The Compute Library is a set of computer vision and machine learning functions optimised for both Arm CPUs and GPUs using SIMD technologies.
Python Library for device debugging/programming via J-Link
RTOS for microcontrollers
load and run golang code at runtime.
Arm Assembly Cheat
MOVED TO: SEE README. ARMv7 and ARMv8 assembly userland minimal examples tutorial. Runnable asserts on x86 hosts with QEMU user mode or natively on ARM targets. Nice GDB step debug setup. Tested on Ubuntu 18.04 host and Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 targets.
The Synestia Operating System
Tvm Mali
Optimizing Mobile Deep Learning on ARM GPU with TVM
Aws Graviton Getting Started
This document is meant to help new users start using the Arm-based AWS Graviton and Graviton2 processors which power the 6th generation of Amazon EC2 instances (C6g[d], M6g[d], R6g[d], T4g, X2gd, C6gn)
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“Zero setup” cross compilation and “cross testing” of Rust crates
Silicon Info
Mac menu bar tool to view the architecture of the running application
Stm32 graphics display drivers
STM32 LCD drivers (currently: spi(dma), gpio, fsmc(dma), st7735, st7783, ili9325, ili9328, ili9341, ili9486, ili9488, hx8347g)
Arm Cmake Toolchains
CMake toolchain configurations for ARM
Main AROS repository for active development. Contains the main Operating System components and Build System.
Docker Unms
This image is no longer maintained:
Homebrew Install
An arm32 ollvm like deofuscator,aim to remove obfuscation made by ollvm like compiler
Arm exploitation
Exploitation on ARM-based Systems (Troopers18)
All open source file and project for OpenFPGAduino project
A Minimalist Instruction Extender for the ARM architecture and IDA Pro
Cargo Flash
a cargo extension for programming microcontrollers
Ipfs Rpi
IPFS installer for the Raspberry Pi and other ARM-based devices.
Msm8994 8992 Nt Arm64 Drivers
Desktop Windows (ARM64) driver collection for MSM8992/8994 SoCs.
Embedded Ai.bench
benchmark for embededded-ai deep learning inference engines, such as NCNN / TNN / MNN / TensorFlow Lite etc.
Phantomjs On Raspberry
Phantomjs for raspberry pi (armv6/armv7) and aarch64/arm64
An open source library for face detection in images. The face detection speed can reach 1000FPS.
QP/C++ real-time embedded framework/RTOS for embedded systems based on active objects (actors) and hierarchical state machines
Awesome Arm Exploitation
A collection of awesome videos, articles, books and resources about ARM exploitation.
Tina is a teeny tiny, header only, coroutine and job library.
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