Top 31 icon-theme open source projects

Elementary X
Elementary OS system theme with custom OS X window controls. (light/dark)
La Capitaine Icon Theme
La Capitaine is an icon pack designed to integrate with most desktop environments. The set of icons takes inspiration from the latest iterations of macOS and Google's Material Design.
Plane Icon Theme
Is a modern icon theme for gnome linux versions.
VSCode file specific icons for improved visual grepping
Flat Remix
Flat Remix is an icon theme inspired by material design. It is mostly flat using a colorful palette with some shadows, highlights, and gradients for some depth.
Graphical application for generating different color variations of a Materia and Oomox themes (GTK2, GTK3 and others), Archdroid, Gnome-Colors, Numix, Papirus, Suru++ icons, and terminal palette.
Adwaita Plus
GNOME++, a third-party icons theme, based on new GNOME 3.32's Adwaita
Hugo Icon
Icon theme for Hugo
Suru Plus Ubuntu
Suru++ Ubuntu — An elegant third-party icons theme based on Sam Hewitt's Suru Icons
Tint you Icons, change the size, apply alpha color and set a position easily. 👓
Yaru Plus
Yaru++, an elegant and modern third-party icons theme, based on Ubuntu's Yaru
Antu Icons
A smooth theme designed for Plasma Desktop
Masalla Icon Theme
Masalla Icon Theme for UNIX-Like OS
Luv Icon Theme
Lüv is the spiritual successor to Flattr, a flat but complex icon theme for freedesktop environments.
Suru Icon Theme
The source of the Suru icon and cursor set
Oranchelo Icon Theme
🍊 Oranchelo icon theme by
SE98 icon theme for GTK+ based on Windows 98 SE style and grassmunk/Chicago95 theme.
Custom colors for folder icons for Papirus Icon Theme!
Modern gray-blue icon theme for the GIMP
Simple, minimal line, and clean icon pack in vector formats — free for public use.
Customizable Monoshape Vector Icon Theme for GTK+
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