Top 346 responsive open source projects

A Utility Complete CSS Framework for less than 45kb (8kB Gzipped) -
Fast, Responsive, Multi Language, Both Direction Support and Configurable UI Framework based on Vue.js.
Vue Product Zoomer
Zoom Prodct Image, useful for e-shop website
React Native Scalable Image
React Native Image component which scales width or height automatically to keep the original aspect ratio
React Native Responsive Dimensions
Resposive fontSize, height and width for react-native components, that automatically adjusts itself based on screen-size of the device.
Responsive scaffold
Responsive Scaffold - On mobile it shows a list and pushes to details and on tablet it shows the List and the selected item. Maintainer: @rodydavis
React Image Crop
A responsive image cropping tool for React
Minimal, elastic Reddit reader web-app client
A declarative, efficient, and simple JavaScript library for building responsive charts
React Firebase Admin
React ⚛️ starter kit with Firebase 🔥 and Bulma for setting up an admin dashboard - Highly scalable, PWA, Serverless
A UI Design Language, WC UI Library, and Runtime CSS Framework for rapidly building interfaces that follow your Design System 🌈
Hugo Theme M10c
A minimalistic (m10c) blog theme for Hugo
Portfolio Demo
A portfolio build by using flutter for web.
👉 Responsive ecommerce template 🛒 built with Vue.js and Nuxt.js
Simple Dash
A simple, fully responsive Dashboard to forward to the services of your choice!
Just a layout framework. Design for cross-platform with ease.
Growl-like notifications with an emphasis on icons
Amaze UI, a mobile-first and modular front-end framework.
🌀 A JS plugin to view images just like in Windows.
React Images
🌄 A mobile-friendly, highly customizable, carousel component for displaying media in ReactJS
Hexo Theme Miho
🍺一款单栏响应式的hexo主题, A single column response for hexo .
UI-responsive touch effects for Xamarin.Forms
⚡ Simple and easy to use lightbox script written in pure JavaScript
Gatsby Starter Morning Dew
🚀 A Gatsby theme/starter to build lightning-fast blog/websites
jQuery plugin that makes tables responsive converting them to HTML lists on small viewports.
Startup Landing
Collection of free top of the line startup landing templates built using react/nextjs/gatsby. Free to download, simply edit and deploy! Updated weekly!
Vue Breakpoints
🍬 🙈 Vue.js utility component to show and hide components based on breakpoints
🖼 A jQuery plugin to view images just like in Windows. Browser support IE7+!
Categorize, sort, and filter a responsive grid of items
React Elastic Carousel
A flexible and responsive carousel component for react
Flutter Web Demo
🌍 Responsive web app powered by Flutter and Dart
Noodel Js
User interface for responsive, dynamic content trees
📼 A flexible media player component library for React that requires no up-front config
A clean and minimal theme for Ghost.
Admin Template
JSF responsive admin template based on Bootstrap and AdminLTE
Jekyll Theme Simple Texture
A gem-based responsive simple texture styled Jekyll theme.
Vecty lets you build responsive and dynamic web frontends in Go using WebAssembly, competing with modern web frameworks like React & VueJS.
Jet Django
Jet Bridge (Django) for Jet Admin – Admin panel framework for your application
Adam Blog
Adam Blog is a minimal clear theme for Jekyll
Angular Grid Layout
Responsive grid with draggable and resizable items for Angular applications.
React Awesome Styled Grid
A responsive 8-point grid system layout for React using styled-components
MJML: the only framework that makes responsive-email easy
Lazy Line Painter
Lazy Line Painter - A Modern JS library for SVG path animation
React Items Carousel
Items Carousel Built with react-motion and styled-components
Generate responsive pages and apps on HTML, Tailwind, Flutter and SwiftUI.
Custom panel controls for WPF/UWP.
Hugo Theme Fuji
A minimal Hugo theme with nice theme color. | 一个主题色极简 Hugo 主题。
Hugo Theme Console
A minimal, responsive and light theme for Hugo inspired by Linux console.
Portfolio website template
Matchmedia Ng
matchmedia wrapper for angularjs
A responsive and clean Hugo theme for blogs
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