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3llo - Trello interactive CLI aplication
Unsplash Wallpaper
Use an image from as your background image from a simple command.
Terminal Image Cli
Display images in the terminal
Cat Names
🐈 Get popular cat names
Automatic detecting missing I18n translations tool.
Graphql Rest Proxy
Turn your REST API into GraphQL - A Proxy Server that pipes request from GraphQL to REST with GraphQL DSL, performant nested children, mutations, input types, and more.
Geek Life
The Todo List / Task Manager for Geeks in command line
Golang command line client for tldr
The best CLI client for Slack, because everything is terrible!
Do Not Disturb Cli
Control the macOS `Do Not Disturb` feature from the command-line
Create self-documenting cli programs from YAML files. Easily wrap bash, grunt, npm, docker, (anything) to standardize your processes and make the lives of the people working on your project better.
Toolkit for developing sleek command line apps.
🖥 Go CLI application, tool library, running CLI commands, support console color, user interaction, progress display, data formatting display, generate bash/zsh completion add more features. Go的命令行应用,工具库,运行CLI命令,支持命令行色彩,用户交互,进度显示,数据格式化显示,生成bash/zsh命令补全脚本
Run Electron
Run Electron without all the junk terminal output
✅ Test generated HTML for problems
Github Keygen
Easy creation of secure SSH configuration for your GitHub account(s)
Fast Cli
Test your download and upload speed using
◼️ Supercharge curl with history, collections and more.
Php Cli
PHP Console Application made easy- build great console apps with ease. Comes with Zero Dependency and Autocompletion support.
✭ 164
Pocket Cli
A terminal application for Pocket
Grub2 Theme Preview
🌇 Preview a full GRUB 2.x theme (or just a background image) using KVM / QEMU
👨‍💻 🐳 Generate personal daily reports or summary, AUTHORS, CONTRIBUTING, CHANGELOG and so on for GitHub user or repository.
CLI tool for generating Licenses. Easily.
⁉️Oh shit! A cli tool to help you unfuck your git mistakes
Organize Kubernetes manifests in JavaScript.
Ignorance is bliss! Ignore your .gitignore
A pre-build (Swift) script to alter your Xcode project at pre-build-time per environment, build configuration and target.
Replace In Files Cli
Replace matching strings and regexes in files
jsonfui is an interactive command-line JSON viewer.
Doge Seed Cli
Generate dank mnemonic seed phrases in the terminal
CLI tool that fast checks if your bundle contains multiple versions of the same package, only by looking in package.json.
.files and environment configuration manager created with node
scopelint checks for unpinned variables in go programs
Rust Cli Boilerplate
Rust project boilerplate for CLI applications
N98 Magerun
The swiss army knife for Magento developers, sysadmins and devops. The tool provides a huge set of well tested command line commands which save hours of work time. All commands are extendable by a module API.
Wait For Localhost Cli
Wait for localhost to be ready from the command-line
Terminal layout
The project help you to quickly build layouts in terminal,cross-platform(一个跨平台的命令行ui布局工具)
A tiny CLI for HedgeDoc
A small dart library to generate Assets dart code from assets folder.
Scans TYPO3 extensions for usage of deprecated and or changed code
A powerful cross-platform CLI client for V2Ray subscription. 跨平台V2Ray命令行订阅管理客户端
Delay Cli
Delay execution for a given amount of seconds
🍩 DNS over HTTPs command-line client
🐱 CLI that opens a random photo of my cat Dofle
A Python module for common interactive command line user interfaces
Library for creating interactive cli applications.
Angle Grinder
Slice and dice logs on the command line
Bangjago Android Emulator
simple android emulator cli for mobile development
Javascript Cli
A CLI in JavaScript for the ARK Blockchain.
packet, a CLI tool to manage services
Exoframe is a self-hosted tool that allows simple one-command deployments using Docker
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