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Remote Vscode
A package that implements the Textmate's 'rmate' feature for Visual Studio Code.
Vscode Deno
[Deprecated] Move to
Vscode Data Preview
Data Preview 🈸 extension for importing 📤 viewing 🔎 slicing 🔪 dicing 🎲 charting 📊 & exporting 📥 large JSON array/config, YAML, Apache Arrow, Avro, Parquet & Excel data files
Swdc Vscode Musictime
A VS Code extension to discover the most productive music to listen to as you code
Vscode Live Server
Launch a development local Server with live reload feature for static & dynamic pages.
Vscode Paste Image
paste image from clipboard to markdown/asciidoc directly!
Vscode Comment Translate
vscode 注释翻译插件, 不干扰正常代码,方便快速阅读源码。
Wenyan Lang Vscode
文言 Wenyan Lang for VS Code
Haxe Support for Visual Studio Code
Vscode Coverage Gutters
Display test coverage generated by lcov and xml - works with many languages
Typescript Hero
VSCode extension that assists you with your everyday work around typescript
Vscode Element Helper
VSCode-Element-Helper is a VS Code package for Element-UI.
VSCode插件:自动生成,自动更新VSCode文件头部注释, 自动生成函数注释并支持提取函数参数,支持所有主流语言,文档齐全,使用简单,配置灵活方便,持续维护多年。
Coc Java
Java extension for coc.nvim
Code Blue
A carefully concocted dark theme made of subtle blues and bright hues that’s easy on the eyes for focused coding.
Svelte Vscode
Svelte language support for VS Code
Vscode Vim
vim emulator for Visual Studio Code
Vscode Sublime Keybindings
Sublime Text Keymap extension for VS Code
Vscode As3mxml
ActionScript & MXML language extension for Visual Studio Code. Develop apps for Adobe AIR, Adobe Flash Player, or Apache Royale.
Visual Studio Code
🎨 Omni for Visual Studio Code
Vscode Nim
An extension for VS Code which provides support for the Nim language.
A fully Dockerized, self-hosted development environment for teams. Develop where you serve.
Clojure support for Visual Studio Code
Addon Vscode
Visual Studio Code - Home Assistant Community Add-ons
Metals Vscode
Visual Studio Code extension for Metals
Vscode React Native
VSCode extension for React Native - supports debugging and editor integration
Sonarlint Vscode
SonarLint for Visual Studio Code
Flutter preview
Flutter | Because a widget-driven development requires a widget-driven preview.
Prettier Plugin Tailwind
Sort tailwind classes in HTML with Prettier.
Vscode Azurefunctions
Azure Functions extension for VS Code
Night Owl Vscode Theme
🌌 NIGHT OWL: A VS Code dark theme for contrast for nighttime coding, 🦉 LIGHT OWL: a daytime light theme
Vscode Vlang
V Language extension for Visual Studio Code.
VS Code extension that allows you to record and playback guided tours of codebases, directly within the editor.
Vscode Jest
The optimal flow for Jest based testing in VS Code
Vscode Java Test
Run and debug Java test cases in Visual Studio Code.
Vscode Chrome Debug
Debug your JavaScript code running in Google Chrome from VS Code.
Vscode Journal
Lightweight journal and simple notes support for Visual Studio Code
Vscode Live Frame
Run your web app inside VS Code
Git History
Quickly browse the history of a file from any git repository
binary releases of VS Code without MS branding/telemetry/licensing
Zsh In Docker
Install Zsh, Oh-My-Zsh and plugins inside a Docker container with one line!
Vscode Vite
One step faster for Vite in VS Code ⚡️
Vscode Proto3
vscode extension for proto3
Vscode Twitch Highlighter
This is a VS Code extension that will allow your Twitch chat to highlight a line of code via a command message. Example: `!line 8 server.js`. See master branch for more details
Streamline Your Node.js Debugging Workflow with Chromium (Chrome, Edge, More) DevTools.
Rocketseat Vscode React Native Snippets
Rocketseat React Native snippets for Visual Studio Code Editor
Connect to MongoDB and Atlas and directly from your VS Code environment, navigate your databases and collections, inspect your schema and use playgrounds to prototype queries and aggregations.
Vscode Remote Release
Visual Studio Code Remote Development: Open any folder in WSL, in a Docker container, or on a remote machine using SSH and take advantage of VS Code's full feature set.
Vscode Kotlin
Kotlin language support for VS Code
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