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Iptables Boilerplate
rock solid default firewall-rules for webhosts
Telegram Bot - written with Swift 5.2 / NIO, supports Linux, macOS
How to create a Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Google Assistant bot with Swift using Vapor on Ubuntu / macOS.
Kvm Install Vm
Bash script to build local virtual machines using KVM/libvirt and cloud-init.
Indicator Sound Switcher
Sound input/output selector indicator for Linux
Packer helpers and templates for Docker, IIS, SQL Server and Visual Studio on Windows and Ubuntu
bash and zsh shell history suggest box - easily view, navigate, search and manage your command history.
A Deep Learning Amazon Web Service (AWS) AMI that is open, free and works. Run in less than 5 minutes. TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Theano, MXNet, CNTK, Caffe and all dependencies.
Hack Captive Portals
Hack any Captive portal using MAC-spoofing technique
I3 Gaps Deb
Tool to create and install Debian (or Ubuntu) packages of i3-gaps.
Openbangla Keyboard
An OpenSource, Unicode compliant Bengali Input Method
Ubuntu Server Installer
Better lighting for Linux. Open source GUI for xflux
IIR realtime filter library written in C++
Termite Style
Simple script to change color-schemes and fonts for Termite.
Deb Simple
A lightweight, bare-bones apt repository server
One-click script to install MTProto Proxy server on CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian
🛡️ Windows Hello™ style facial authentication for Linux
Linux Unattended Installation
This project provides all you need to create an unattended installation of a minimal setup of Linux.
Windy Afternoon
Gitbook based Blog, Android, Linux, Deep Learning, Computer Vision
My lovely dots ~/.💖
Ubuntu Sshd
Dockerized Ubuntu SSH service
Install LAMP(Linux + Apache + MySQL/MariaDB + PHP ) for CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu
Awesome Raspberry Pi Zh
Packer Build
Packer Automated VM Image and Vagrant Box Builds
Open source patternmaking software.
Laravel Deployment
📗[WIP] 追求质量的 Laravel 应用部署上线课程。
Automate With Ansible
《現代 IT 人一定要知道的 Ansible 自動化組態技巧》
Simulate locations on iOS devices on Windows, Mac and Ubuntu.
Openvpn Install
OpenVPN road warrior installer for Ubuntu, Debian, AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, CentOS and Fedora
Node Deb
Debian packaging for Node.js projects
Wsl Guide
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Bash on Ubuntu on Windows!
AnsiPress - Simple L(Linux) E(NGINX) M(MariaDB) P(PHP7) Shared Hosting Setup
Ansible Ubuntu
Ansible scripts to setup Ubuntu desktop/server
Create an ultimate multiboot USB flash drive with Grub2 bootloader
Create https for local development environment or localhost.
Bring your Desktop Back to Life
A multi-functional version of a popular network circumvention tool
Linux Kernel Utilities
👷 Utilities to compile and / or update linux kernels for Debian and derivatives (e.g. Ubuntu, LinuxMint, etc.)
aptly - Debian repository management tool
Ubuntu Skylake I915 Video Fix
Intel hd HD530/HD520 , skylake (6th generation of intel cpus) video card problems list and solutions/quick fixes for linux.
Schematic capture and circuit simulator
MyServer is your own localhost web server. you can setup PHP, Apache, Nginx and MySQL servers on your android devices or linux like Ubuntu etc. MyServer is Developed for android terminal like Termux or GNURoot Debian terminal.
Ubuntu Cheatsheet
Ubuntu Terminal Cheatsheet
An Ansible playbook that apply the principle of the Infrastructure as Code on a QEMU/KVM environment.
Vga Passthrough
Up to date (2021) reference for setting up a VGA passthrough on (Ubuntu) Linux.
Tmoe Linux
🍭Without any basic knowledge of linux shell,you can easily install and configure a GNU/Linux graphical desktop environment on 📱Android termux and 💻WSL .🍰You can also run VSCode on your android phone.🍹Graphical qemu manager,🐋support running docker on Android.配置WSL和安卓手机的linux容器,桌面环境,主题美化,远程桌面,音频服务,镜像源,uefi开机启动项,webdav(nginx),fcitx输入法以及qemu-system虚拟机...
Apt Smart
apt-smart: Smart, automated, robust apt-get mirror selection for Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint
The most intuitive and feature-rich remote control for Spotify for Linux
🐧 Quick installation for Ubuntu terminal.
Flash Chip
Ready to use Flash environment for the C.H.I.P Single Board Computer
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