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Cross-platform SystemTray support for Swing/AWT, GtkStatusIcon, and AppIndicator on Java 8+
Gnome-Shell Extension for intel-pstate driver
Yin Yang
Auto Nightmode for KDE, Gnome, Budgie, VSCode, Atom and more
Emoji Selector For Gnome
This extension provide a popup menu with some emojis ; clicking on an emoji copies it to the clipboard.
Gnome Shell extension to switch windows quickly by typing
Gnome Shell Extension Blyr
Apply a Blur Effect to GNOME Shell UI elements
Gnome Shell Extensions Negesti
An gnome-shell extension that makes window movement a lot easier.
Dash To Dock
A dock for the Gnome Shell. This extension moves the dash out of the overview transforming it in a dock for an easier launching of applications and a faster switching between windows and desktops.
Highly secure and easy to use OTP client written in C/GTK that supports both TOTP and HOTP
Plano Theme
A flat theme for GNOME & Xfce4
Bing Desktop Wallpaper Changer
Automatically changes desktop wallpaper to Bing Photo of the Day for Linux with Gnome.
A Swift wrapper around gtk-3.x and gtk-4.x that is largely auto-generated from gobject-introspection
Firefox Gnome Theme
A theme for Firefox 57+ matching GNOME Adwaita.
2FA code generator for GNOME
Awesome Gtk
List of awesome GTK+ (gtk3) applications
Simple, set-and-forget python application for changing between desktop themes according to light and dark hours
Bring your Desktop Back to Life
A cross-platform desktop utility for computing message digests or checksums
Gnome Shell Screenshot
Gnome Shell extension for making and uploading screenshots
Vala Language Server
Code Intelligence for Vala & Genie
Gnome GDM Login Theme Manager. Easy and Fast Login Theme Manipulation
Fractal gtk+ client
Something For Reddit
A Reddit Client For GNOME (with Gtk+ and Python)
Smuxi is an user-friendly and free IRC client for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X based on GNOME / GTK+
🌆 Utilities for handling monitors, resolutions, wallpapers and timed wallpapers
La Capitaine Icon Theme
La Capitaine is an icon pack designed to integrate with most desktop environments. The set of icons takes inspiration from the latest iterations of macOS and Google's Material Design.
Unix Data Splashing Tool
Gir ffi
Auto-generate bindings for GObject based libraries at run time using FFI
A Gtk utility to set two different backgrounds for each monitor on GNOME (which lacks this feature)
Adementary Theme
A theme for GNOME/Budgie/Xfce/Cinnamon desktop with elementary-ish aesthetics.
QPlatformTheme for a better Qt application inclusion in GNOME
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Bing Wallpaper Gnome Extension
GNOME shell extension that sets your desktop wallpaper & lock screen image to Microsoft Bing's Image of the Day.
Tool to generate rust bindings and user API for glib-based libraries
Gnome Shell Extension Installer
A bash script to search and install extensions from
Steering Wheel Manager for GNU/Linux
Arc Theme Red
A red themed derivation of
Plane Icon Theme
Is a modern icon theme for gnome linux versions.
Cpupower Gui
cpupower-gui is a graphical program that is used to change the scaling frequency limits of the cpu, similar to cpupower.
Dynamic Wallpaper Editor
A little utility for creation or edition of GNOME desktop's XML wallpapers
Taskwhisperer is a extension for TaskWarrior Application It is to display upcoming tasks and task details as well as to create and modify them.
Run web apps on your desktop.
Gnome Pomodoro
A time management utility for GNOME based on the pomodoro technique!
Gnome Shell Extension Mpris Indicator Button
A full featured MPRIS indicator button extension for GNOME Shell 3.38+
Flat Remix
Flat Remix is an icon theme inspired by material design. It is mostly flat using a colorful palette with some shadows, highlights, and gradients for some depth.
Hamster Gtk
A GTK3 time tracker. Powered by 'hamster-lib'
Gnome Cedilla Fix
A fix to make the Gnome "US-International" layouts generate a cedilla c (ç) when the user types '+c.
Gnome Shell Bitcoin Markets
Gnome-Shell extension displaying market rate for bitcoin and other crypto-currencies
A GNOME media player built using GJS with GTK4 toolkit and powered by GStreamer with OpenGL rendering.
Vimix Gtk Themes
Vimix is a flat Material Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell etc.
Documentation minisite for Pop!_OS and related projects
Appfolders Manager Gnome Extension
A GNOME extension allowing easy management of "appfolders" directly from the applications grid.
Gnome Shell Volume Mixer
GNOME Shell Extension allowing separate configuration of PulseAudio devices
Gtk Theming Guide
Novice guide towards making your own first gtk theme!
Gnome Dash Fix
Sort GNOME apps dashboard by category.
Adwaita Plus
GNOME++, a third-party icons theme, based on new GNOME 3.32's Adwaita
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