Top 63 NewLisp open source projects

1. Ansible Cmdb
Ansible-cmdb takes the output of Ansible's fact gathering and converts it into a static HTML overview page (and other things) containing system configuration information.
2. Clasp
clasp Common Lisp environment
3. Datasets
TFDS is a collection of datasets ready to use with TensorFlow, Jax, ...
4. apispec
A Common Lisp library for handling Web API requests and responses.
5. vecto
Draw vector graphics into PNG files
6. Bach AI
LSTM Neural Network that tries to write piano melodies similar to Bach's
7. genera-src
Source code for various Genera projects of Douglas Fields
9. neeilang
Fast, type-safe, object-oriented language by yours truly
10. cisp
Minimal Lisp Interpreter
11. birch
A Simple Common Lisp IRC client library.
12. bp
Bitcoin Protocol components in Common Lisp
13. TL-CodeSum
No description, website, or topics provided.
14. land-of-lisp
Me working through the Land of Lisp book.
15. flip
A 16-bit Lisp based operating system.
16. simple-date-time
date and time library for common lisp
17. nl2sql
Learning a Neural Semantic Parser with User Feedback
18. CSLisp
C# Scheme / Lisp implementation for embedding in .NET projects
19. cl-feedparser
Common Lisp feed parser
20. xlisp
XLISP - an object-oriented LISP
✭ 23
22. xlisp
This is a copy of XLisp by David Michael Betz, license appears to be BSD
24. analyst-server
26. tex2page
No description, website, or topics provided.
27. lisp practical semantic web
Examples from the Lisp version of my semantic web book
28. CVMix-src
CVMix source code (including protex documentation) as well as build system and examples / tests
30. abuse
Abuse SDL port originally from Crack-Dot-Com and released into the public domain
31. Moy
A version of Joy1 built with Lex and Yacc
32. paras
Embedded trivial Lisp-dialect.
33. ExplorerGenie
ExplorerGenie is an extended context menu for the Windows explorer.
35. Cluster
Assembler with input in the form of standard instances
37. EMSE-DeepCom
The dataset for EMSE-DeepCom
✭ 106
38. adaptive-neural-compilation
39. eazy-opencl
OpenCL binding for Common Lisp
40. tvgrabpyAPI
An xmltv-API for extracting and merging tv programme information from several sources
41. RuDaS
RuDaS: Synthetic Datasets for Rule Learning
42. EthereumContracts
Contracts written in LLL for Ethereum.
✭ 25
43. janome-tutorial
Janome を使ったテキストマイニング入門チュートリアルです。
44. wmt-en2wubi
Code and data for Character-level Chinese-English Translation through ASCII Encoding
45. bicleaner
Bicleaner is a parallel corpus classifier/cleaner that aims at detecting noisy sentence pairs in a parallel corpus.
47. lw2-viewer
An alternative frontend for LessWrong 2.0
48. cl-asm
A x86 assembler in Commn Lisp
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