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Top 29 algorithms-implemented open source projects

Data Structures Algorithms
Your personal library of every algorithm and data structure code that you will ever encounter
All Algorithms implemented in Python 3
C Algorithms
Collection of BSD/MIT-licensed algorithms implementations in pure C
Get better at cp in 2 months
This contains the curriculum that I will follow to get better at Competitive Programming in 2 months.
Collection of algorithms in multiple programming languages.
Mathematica implementations of machine learning algorithms used for prediction and personalization.
This project can help you understand the Data Structure and Algorithms in a more efficient manner. It aims at scheduling the studies for maximizing marks during exams. Most students face this problem during exams that what to study to get the best out of their limited time.
Converts an array of items with ids and parent ids to a nested tree in a performant O(n) way. Runs in browsers and Node.js.
⏲ An Activity Scheduling Project of Algorithms Analysis to schedule the timetable for Educational Institutes.
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