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Javascript Algorithms
📝 Algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings
Fucking Algorithm
刷算法全靠套路,认准 labuladong 就够了!English version supported! Crack LeetCode, not only how, but also why.
Solutions to LeetCode problems; updated daily. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more.
🔃 An ordered map in Go with amortized O(1) for Set, Get, Delete and Len.
Write A Hash Table
✏️ Learn how to write a hash table in C
Data model diagrams in R
Rethink C
A reuseable codebase for C Programming Language.
Ctci 6th Edition Cn
《Cracking the Coding Interview, 6th Edition》CtCI中文翻译
Implements a fixed-capacity stack-allocated Vec alternative backed by an array, using const generics.
High-performance immutable data structures for modern JavaScript and TypeScript applications. Functional interfaces, deep/composite operations API, mixed mutability API, TypeScript definitions, ES2015 module exports.
C Algorithms
A library of common data structures and algorithms written in C.
Set of handy reusable .NET components that can simplify your daily work and save your time when you copy and paste your favorite helper methods and classes from one project to another
Static Frame
Immutable and grow-only Pandas-like DataFrames with a more explicit and consistent interface.
Play With Data Structures
慕课 liuyubobobo「玩转数据结构」课程的 Go 语言实现版本
Competitive Programming
My competitive programming guide,reading materials, link to system and design interview preparation and my own coding solutions from Codechef, Leetcode,Geeks for Geeks, HackerRank , spoj, codesignal, codebyte, codeblocks and other online judges
Repository to store what we have studied. 📖 We want everyone to get a job through TechnicalNote.
🎓 Harvard CS50x — 2018 solutions 👨‍🏫
Theoretical solutions for LeetCode problems.
All Algorithms implemented in Rust
Sparse Map
C++ implementation of a memory efficient hash map and hash set
Cs61b Textbook Zh
📖 [译] UCB CS61b Java 中的数据结构
A simple GPU hash table implemented in CUDA using lock free techniques
Voronoi image manipulation
A system independent tool for interactive image manipulation with Voronoi and Delaunay data structures.
The collection synthesizer
C Macro Collections
Easy to use, header only, macro generated, generic and type-safe Data Structures in C
Collections C
A library of generic data structures.
Clojure's update with superpowers.
Source Code and Starter Code for Accelerated Computer Science Fundamentals Specialization on Coursera
Rust Algorithm Club
Learn algorithms and data structures with Rust
Programmers Community
This repository contains various solution of a problem in Ruby, C, C++, Python and Java.
2 month data structures and algorithmic scripting challenge starting from 20th December 2018 - Coding is Fun! 💯💯 Do it everyday!! Also, Do give us a ⭐ if you liked the repository
Leetcode Algorithm
Data Structures And Algorithms Hacktoberfest18
List of data structures and algorithms. Feel free to contribute under Hacktoberfest '18!
Cs61b sp19
Data Structures
Library Checker Problems
The problem data (Test case generator, judge's solution, task, ...) of Library Checker
Algorithms4 Common
🔥Algorithms, 4th Edition 算法4精华笔记,通俗理解,算法收集与强化。
Thread-safe, persistent, immutable collections for the Crystal language
LeetCode solutions, written in python and cpp(LeetCode解题报告,记录自己的leetcode成长之路)
🍀 c++ standalone header-only basic library. || c++头文件实现无第三方依赖基础库
A Golang implementation of CRDTs.
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