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Graph Data Science
Source code for the Neo4j Graph Data Science library of graph algorithms.
Link Prediction
Representation learning for link prediction within social networks
A small Java 8 util library, complementary to Guava (BiStream, Substring, MoreStreams, Parallelizer).
Pathfinding Visualizer Threejs
A visualizer for pathfinding algorithms in 3D with maze generation, first-person view and device camera input.
Yfiles For Html Demos
Contains demo sources for the JavaScript diagramming library yFiles for HTML
A reasonable library for modeling multi-graphs in Scala
Go implementation of MIDAS: Microcluster-Based Detector of Anomalies in Edge Streams
PPNP & APPNP models from "Predict then Propagate: Graph Neural Networks meet Personalized PageRank" (ICLR 2019)
new layout algorithms for network visualizations in R
Libgrape Lite
🍇 A C++ library for parallel graph processing 🍇
GAP Benchmark Suite
Hgp Sl
Hierarchical Graph Pooling with Structure Learning
Source Code for the Book Classic Computer Science Problems in Swift
Sparkling Graph
SparklingGraph provides easy to use set of features that will give you ability to proces large scala graphs using Spark and GraphX.
depthmapX is a multi-platform Spatial Network Analysis Software
Clojure library for querying Apache TinkerPop graphs
Gcn keras
图卷积神经网络 Graph Convolutional Network with Keras
A Graph Algorithms Visualizer built using React, Typescript and Styled Components.
modular and modern graph-theory algorithms framework in Java
Python implementation of frequent subgraph mining algorithm gSpan. Directed graphs are supported.
💥 Interactive and colorful 🎨 graph theory tutorials made using d3.js ⚡️
Reference implementation of the paper VERSE: Versatile Graph Embeddings from Similarity Measures
Graph-Based Data Science: an abstraction layer in Python for building knowledge graphs, integrated with popular graph libraries – atop Pandas, RDFlib, pySHACL, RAPIDS, NetworkX, iGraph, PyVis, pslpython, pyarrow, etc.
Neo4j Apoc Procedures
Awesome Procedures On Cypher for Neo4j - codenamed "apoc"                     If you like it, please ★ above ⇧            
Deepwalk C
DeepWalk implementation in C++
Graph data structure library for Rust.
A fast whole-genome aligner based on de Bruijn graphs
A Python library created to assist programmers with complex mathematical functions
Library for the analysis of networks
Source code for EvalNE, a Python library for evaluating Network Embedding methods.
Competitive Programming
Repository of all my submissions to some competitive programming website (Online Judges), as well as, the implementation of some data structures and algorithms.
Pydata Networkx
A short tutorial on network analysis using Game of Thrones, US Airports and Python!
Sentiment Analysis Twitter Microservices Example
A sample application that demonstrates how to build a graph processing platform to analyze sources of emotional influence on Twitter.
Algorithm Notes
Comprehensive algorithms solution to help engineers prepare their interviews and future study
Graph Theory
Graph algorithms implementation
Learn some algorithm and data structure
Pepper Robot Programming
Pepper Programs : Object Detection Real Time without ROS
A tool for building graphs quickly
Java Competitive Programming
I have written some important Algorithms and Data Structures in an efficient way in Java with proper references to time and space complexity. These Pre-cooked and well-tested codes help to implement larger hackathon problems in lesser time. DFS, BFS, LCA, All Pair Shortest Path, Longest Common Subsequence, Binary Search, Lower Bound Search, Maximal Matching, Matrix Exponentiation, Segment Tree, Sparse Table, Merge Sort, Miller Prime Test, Prims - Minimum Spanning Tree, BIT - Binary Index Tree, Two Pointers, BST - Binary Search Tree, Maximum Subarray Sum, Immutable Data Structures, Persistent Data Structurs - Persistent Trie, Dijkstra, Z - Function, Minimum Cost Maximal Matching, Heavy Light Decomposition, Knapsack, Suffix Array and LCP - Longest Common Prefix, Squre Root Decomposition, Kth Order Statics, Trie / Prefix Tree, LIS - Longest Increasing Subsequence, Hashing
Visualizes specific Graph Algorithms like BFS, DFS, MST etc. on interactive user input graphs.
Generate mazes of different shapes and arbitrary sizes using graph theory
Modal logic
Final Year Masters Project: modal logic solver tableaux
Advanced Algorithms
100+ algorithms & data structures generically implemented in C#.
An optimized graphs package for the Julia programming language
A Graph Data Structure in Pure Swift
Write code that run faster, use less memory and prepare for your Job Interview
Little Ball of Fur - A graph sampling extension library for NetworKit and NetworkX (CIKM 2020)
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