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The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.
Jade.go - pug template engine for Go (golang)
Trimmed down {{mustache}} templates in .NET
Free ready to print sketch sheet templates for UX designers
Html Templates
100 (one hundred) simple and elegant HTML templates 💯
Self Hosted Docker Server Templates
Just some templates to get someone started with hosting various servers in Docker
Go Html Boilerplate
Starter pack for doing web development in Go
Create File From Templates for SublimeText 2 / SublimeText 3
Packer Templates
Scripts and Templates used for generating Vagrant images
Template your base files and generate new projects from Git(Hub).
Starter Kit
Some useful R-Ladies files 💜 🌍
Gulp Webpack Starter
Gulp Webpack Starter - fast static website builder. The starter uses gulp toolkit and webpack bundler. Download to get an awesome development experience!
Useful template functions for Go templates.
Ng Polymorpheus
Polymorpheus is a tiny library for polymorphic templates in Angular.
💻🔥CLI to generate the recommended documentation/files to improve contribution (Github, Gitlab, CodeCommit and Bitbucket)
OpenFaaS Classic templates
Official Node.js library for the Postmark API
Fast Mustache template engine implementation in pure Rust.
Django Settings Export
Access Django settings from templates the right way™
Accord Project Smart Templates Implementation
A set of standard document templates.
Django-syntax like template-engine for Go
Tailwind Template
A set of marketing site templates built on TailwindCSS framework.
Ember Cli Template Lint
Ember CLI integration for ember-template-lint
Latex Koma Template
Generic template for midsize and larger documents based on KOMA script classes.
Point Of View
Template rendering plugin for Fastify
Pine Utils
Code Snippets + Tricks & Tips to help Pine Script developers
Django Mail Templated
Send emails using Django template system
Kotlin Gradle Plugin Template
🐘 A template to let you started with custom Gradle Plugins + Kotlin in a few seconds
Normalize the API of any JSTransformer.
Shards Ui
🎨Shards is a beautiful & modern Bootstrap 4 UI kit packed with extra templates and components.
Algorithmic template
🍭lzyrapx 's algorithmic library. Some templates for ACMer, OIer, Algorithm enthusiast.
Chakra Templates
A growing collection of responsive Chakra UI Templates ready to drop into your React project.
Open React Template
A free React landing page template designed to showcase open source projects, SaaS products, online services, and more. Made by
Eleventy template using Bootstrap, Sass, Webpack, Vue.js powered search, includes lots of other features
📨 Email template generator. Making emails fun again.
Cornell Club
A beautiful and responsive template for club website template built by React
Preview Email
Automatically opens your browser to preview Node.js email messages sent with Nodemailer. Made for Lad!
About Int
Meet the Interactive News Technology (INT) desk at The New York Times
Staradmin Free Angular Admin Template
Star Admin Angular Admin is a free admin template based on Bootstrap 4 and Angular
YML templates
Create declarative cluster specifications for your managed Kubernetes vendor (GKE, AKS)
♻️ micro-generator for individual files, easy like sunday morning 🌅
A simpler static site generator. An alternative to Jekyll. Transforms a directory of templates (of varying types) into HTML.
ultralight javascript templating framework
Logic-less and semantic Mustache templates with Java
Native PHP template system
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