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Javascript Algorithms
📝 Algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings
How To Prepare For Google Interview Swe Sre
This repository includes resources which are more than sufficient to prepare for google interview if you are applying for a software engineer position or a site reliability engineer position
Accessibility interview questions
A starting point for questions to ask someone that wants you to give them a job
How Companies Hire
An inside look into how top tech companies hire
Competitive Programming
My competitive programming guide,reading materials, link to system and design interview preparation and my own coding solutions from Codechef, Leetcode,Geeks for Geeks, HackerRank , spoj, codesignal, codebyte, codeblocks and other online judges
Sre Interviews
Curated list of good SRE interview questions.
Contains all important data structure and algorithms problems asked in interviews
System Design Interview Questions
A curated list of System Design interview questions for SDE-1 (Experienced),SDE-2 and above.
Interview Preparations
This repository contains coding assessments and their solutions for various IT companies
Career Resources
Some SWE/PM/Designer related career resources for students
Machine Learning Interview
Machine Learning Interviews from FAANG, Snapchat, LinkedIn. I have offers from Snapchat, Coupang, Stitchfix etc. Blog:
Datastructures Algorithms
The best library for implementation of all Data Structures and Algorithms - Trees + Graph Algorithms too!
Leetcode Sol Res
Clean, Understandable Solutions and Resources for LeetCode Online Judge Algorithm Problems.
Frontend Hard Mode Interview
Cs Job Advice
Interview preparation geared towards getting your first job in the field.
Android Interview Questions
Android interview questions with answers. This repo is suitable for an interviewer, interviewee, and for everyone who wants to improve their knowledge skills about android topics.
Android Interview Questions
A repository containing interview questions on DS, Java & Android based on my experiences.
Druid On Rails
Rails learning Hub, related to Ruby, Rails and everything in between
Interview Preparation Kit
Interview preparation kit of hackerrank solutions
Cracking The Coding Interview
Tests, Questions and Solutions from Cracking the Coding Interview
Ctci Python Solutions
Cracking the Coding Interview in Python 3. The solutions all have detailed explanations with visuals.
Backend Interview Prep Questions
A few questions & data to help you prepare for the Slack HQ backend interview
Angular Interview Questions
A list of helpful Angular interview questions you can use to interview potential candidates, test yourself or completely ignore.
Google Interview Preparation Problems
leetcode problems I solved during my Google interview preparation.
👊 持续更新,Java Android 近几年最全面的技术点以及面试题 供自己学习使用
Awesome Javascript Interviews
Popular JavaScript / React / Node / Mongo stack Interview questions and their answers. Many of them, I faced in actual interviews and ultimately got my first full-stack Dev job :)
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