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[DEPRECATED] Open data sharing powered by Dat
Alfred Searchio
Alfred workflow to auto-suggest search results from multiple search engines and languages.
Ask coding questions directly from the terminal
Haskell Symbol Search Cheatsheet
Haskell/GHC symbol search cheatsheet
⚡️ A JavaScript library for building performant and instant search experiences with Algolia.
Ajax Live Search
AJAX Live Search is a PHP search form that similar to Google Autocomplete feature displays the result as you type.
Place Search Dialog
A place autocomplete search dialog which uses Google's places API for finding results.
Persistent Search View
An Android library designed to simplify the process of implementing search-related functionality.
Image Match
🎇 Quickly search over billions of images
A simple Elasticsearch REST client written in Elixir.
Search Omnifocus
Alfred workflow that allows free text searching of OmniFocus tasks
A code search / replace tool
experimental and very fast implementation of a grep
Engine Mode
Minor mode for defining and querying search engines through Emacs.
✭ 225
Fuzzy and semantic search for captioned YouTube videos.
Search Google/Bing/Ecosia/DuckDuckGo/Yandex/Yahoo for a search term with a default set of websites, bug bounty programs or a custom collection.
Bower Components
[DEPRECATED] Site to discover Bower components
Angular Instantsearch
⚡️Lightning-fast search for Angular apps, by Algolia
Simple library to have a hidden/shown search bar
Search Engine Parser
Lightweight package to query popular search engines and scrape for result titles, links and descriptions
Fast SublimeText-like fuzzy search for JavaScript.
AI-powered understanding of headlines and story text
RESTful search server written in Python, powered by SQLite.
Algoliasearch Netlify
Official Algolia Plugin for Netlify. Index your website to Algolia when deploying your project to Netlify with the Algolia Crawler
The search bar that doesn't suck.
Pytorch Beam Search Decoding
PyTorch implementation of beam search decoding for seq2seq models
Nix Index
Quickly locate nix packages with specific files
Vector AI — A platform for building vector based applications. Encode, query and analyse data using vectors.
Vue Cool Select
Select with autocomplete, slots, bootstrap and material design themes.
🌀 ⚡️ 🌍 TextRank (automatic text summarization) for PHP8
jSearch(聚搜) 是一款专注内容的chrome搜索扩展,一次搜索聚合多平台内容。
Lolcate Rs
Lolcate -- A comically fast way of indexing and querying your filesystem. Replaces locate / mlocate / updatedb. Written in Rust.
Rummage ecto
Search, Sort and Pagination for ecto queries
🔍 Fuzzy search for PHP based on the Bitap algorithm
Laravel Cross Eloquent Search
Laravel package to search through multiple Eloquent models. Supports sorting, pagination, scoped queries, eager load relationships and searching through single or multiple columns.
Search widget
Flutter package: Search Widget for selecting an option from a data list.
Atom Todo Show
Atom package that shows a list of todos from your project.
Syntax-aware grep for PHP code.
Search Server
⭐️ Our core search API repository
Search Query Parser
A simple parser for advanced search query syntax
Vim Ags
Silver searcher plugin for vim
njt (npm jump to): a quick navigation tool for npm packages
Fly through your shell history. Great Scott!
Intuitive and configurable search interface for document archives.
This a view that waiting for network connection to resolve with cool animation .
💌 Find the emoji that echoes your mind.
A search framework and multi-tenant search platform based on java, kafka, kafka connect, elasticsearch
Keyvi - a key value index that powers Cliqz search engine. It is an in-memory FST-based data structure highly optimized for size and lookup performance.
Lightweight Elasticsearch compatible search server.
iOS Music App that let you search, download and play music
Tachyons Tldr
quick lookup for tachyon classes, scales and colour palette
Alfred Web Searches
Alfred workflow to search through any website (easily extendable list)
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