Top 90 practice open source projects

Python programs, usually short, of considerable difficulty, to perfect particular skills.
Javascript Total
Сборник практических вопросов, задач разного уровня сложности, сниппетов (утилит), паттерны проектирования, а также полезные ссылки по JavaScript
Awesome Patterns
Collections of Go patterns based on tmrts/go-patterns, But merged with other awesome forks and more improvoments.
Piano fundamentals
This is a Sphinx adaptation of Chaun C. Chang's book, "Fundamentals of Piano Practice."
Aloc Endpoints
5,000 past questions api end points for POST-UTME, UTME, WASSCE, NECO questions
Git Kata
When you know the bases of git but sometimes you have problemes with it. This "code kata" could help you to deal with git problems
Vue Endless H5 Game
Fe Awesome Demos
Front end Demos
Tradingview Trainer
A lightweight app for practicing your trading on Tradingview
educational repo for storing my practice sessions with ASM, C and C++ as well as solutions to online courses I take relating to ASM, C, and C++ programming
☔️ Implementations of mathematical functions, formulas and concepts
Android Base
Android Clean Architecture MVP RESTful client template app
Ios Demos
Examples of ios applications
100 Plus Python Programming Exercises Extended
100+ python programming exercise problem discussed ,explained and solved in different ways
Guides for getting things done, programming well, and programming in style.
Materials for the course of machine learning at Imperial College organized by Yandex SDA
A collection of coding exercises to be completed in conjunction the lessons available on
Php Exercises
Some tricky php exercises and interview questions
Python Beginner Programming Exercises
Practice your Python programming skills with this interactive and auto-graded set of exercises.
An example project for book 'Go Programming & Concurrency in Practice, 2nd edition' (《Go并发编程实战》第2版).
Vim Practice
💘 Vim is awesome! Here is my practice and study log.
Start Machine Learning In 2020
A complete guide to start and improve in machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) in 2021 without ANY background in the field and stay up-to-date with the latest news and state-of-the-art techniques!
Angular Performance Checklist
⚡ Cheatsheet for developing lightning fast progressive Angular applications
Go Project Sample
Introduce the best practice experience of Go project with a complete project example.通过一个完整的项目示例介绍Go语言项目的最佳实践经验.
Op practice book
📚 《运维实践指南》持续更新中,推荐大牛干货博客
Practical Fm
A gently curated list of companies using verification formal methods in industry
Books and other resources for learning Ruby and computer science.
a go game server framework
Learning tensorflow by just one example for beginners
🎸 A web app to visualize scales, chords and arpeggios on all kinds of fretboards.
HTML+CSS 静态网页项目
This project aims to hold a list of exercises for beginner frontend developer to practice their skills and create a path to solve some minor problems.
Learn reading notes on the fly fast and easy
little python projects, 一些小的python项目.
Mejora tu lógica de programación y aprende mucho más resolviendo estos ejercicios.
My practice for basic CRUD of Laravel5 on Heroku.
Competitive programming practice
A repository to practice contributing to a Manubot manuscript
Awesome Python Scripts
🚀 Curated collection of Awesome Python Scripts which will make you go wow. Dive into this world of 360+ scripts. Feel free to contribute. Show your support by ✨this repository.
✨practice for SICP, the wizard book < Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs >
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