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TodoKit - A beautiful bug and issue tracking software.
Learn X By Doing Y
🛠️ Learn a technology X by doing a project - Search engine of project-based learning
Eshop + Content Management System (CMS) written in Node.js / Total.js.
A new command line tool and developer framework for scaffolding out GitHub projects. Generate offers the robustness and configurability of Yeoman, the expressiveness and simplicity of Slush, and more powerful flow control and composability than either.
An opinionated guideline to structure & develop a Go web application/service
A Sublime Text 2/3 plugin to allow creating any kind of project from your own custom templates
F# CLI tool for project, file, and solution management
MasterPlan is a project management software / visual idea board software. It attempts to be easy to use, lightweight, and fun.
Javascript Total
Сборник практических вопросов, задач разного уровня сложности, сниппетов (утилит), паттерны проектирования, а также полезные ссылки по JavaScript
Find Amazing Github Projects ⚡️
Template your base files and generate new projects from Git(Hub).
Awesome Ml Projects Guide
A guide to building awesome machine learning projects.
Atmega Soldering Station
T12 Quick Heating Soldering Station
Matlab Octave
This repository contains algorithms written in MATLAB/Octave. Developing algorithms in the MATLAB environment empowers you to explore and refine ideas, and enables you test and verify your algorithm.
A pure PHP library for reading and writing project management files
🍀 c++ standalone header-only basic library. || c++头文件实现无第三方依赖基础库
Android basics nanodegree by google My 10 projects
All of my completed Android Basics Nanodegree by Google projects.
Gitlabber - clones or pulls entire groups tree from gitlab
Angular 7 Project With Core Apis
Angular 7 Project with ASP.NET CORE APIS | Angular Project
Aurora Api Project
Aurora is a project developed in .NET Core, where it aims to show how to create something using an architecture, in layers, simple and approaching, in a simplistic way, some concepts such as DDD.
Interview notes
📚 程序员面试基础知识总结、优质项目分享、助力春招秋招
Odoo Project Management and Services Company Addons
Our simple Laravel boilerplate
Qnews kotlin
✭ 154
🚧 new website under construction
🔈 Websocket project based on vue(基于vue2.0的实时聊天项目)
Real Time Ml Project
A curated list of applied machine learning and data science notebooks and libraries across different industries.
Beginners C Program Examples
Simple, Short and Sweet beginners friendly C language programs
Node.js Content Management System
Source code of the most popular Paleontological mobile app in the world! Programming sandbox.
Focalboard is an open source, self-hosted alternative to Trello, Notion, and Asana.
GUI and API library to work with Engine assets, serialized and bundle files
Kotlin Koans
kotlin koans examples
Project Based Learning
Curated list of project-based tutorials
Update is a new developer framework and CLI for automating updates of any kind in code projects. If you know how to use assemble, generate or verb, you'll know how to use update.
Kordamp Gradle Plugins
A collection of Gradle plugins
Checklist Going Live
The checklist that is used when a project is going live
Quick navigation framework for Vim and Neovim : buffer groups, mru, locate, find, grep, outline, yank, ...
A repo for brand new devs who are looking for great real-world fundamental practice projects
Gooderp addons
A collection of best practice cookiecutter templates for all domains and languages with extensive Github support
Make your first PR! ~ A beginner-friendly repository made specifically for open source beginners. Add your profile, a blog, or any program under any language or update the existing one. Just make sure to add the file under the correct directory. Happy hacking!
Ml project template
Machine Learning Project Template - Ready to production
Markdown Toc
Generate a markdown TOC (table of contents) for a README or any markdown files, using remarkable. Used by assemble, verb, and lots of other projects on GitHub. API and CLI.
A small application to monitor your GitHub project web page in a webview-based native macOS app
Event Management
helps to register an users for on events conducted in college fests with simple logic with secured way
Create a beautiful Portfolio using GitHub pages
📦 Pretty subdomains for you deno project
Webvr Webpack Boilerplate
A webvr multi-scenes Single-page application for three.js, webpack
Vim Foldfocus
✂️ A vim plugin for isolating a particular piece of text into its own separated context.
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