Top 455 js open source projects

1. Keyfinder
Keyfinder🔑 is a tool that let you find keys while surfing the web!
2. Framevuerk
Fast, Responsive, Multi Language, Both Direction Support and Configurable UI Framework based on Vue.js.
3. Pretty Checkbox Vue
Quickly integrate pretty checkbox components with Vue.js
4. Optimal React File Structure
Optimal file structure for React applications.
5. Arr
A collection of tiny, highly performant Array.prototype alternatives
6. Semana Js Expert30
Aulas da Semana JS Expert 3.0 - Construindo um chat multiplataforma usando linha de comando e JavaScript Avançado
8. Tourguide.js
A simple, lightweight, clean and small library for creating guided product tours for your web app.
9. Rpg Maker Mv Decrypter
You can decrypt RPG-Maker-MV Resource Files with this project ~ If you don't wanna download it, you can use the Script on my HP:
10. Senior Frontend
🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 高级开发工程师必备,打通全栈任督二脉,文档地址gitee版:
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11. Clone Deep
Recursively (deep) clone JavaScript native types, like Object, Array, RegExp, Date as well as primitives. Used by superstruct, merge-deep, and many others!
12. Restore Js
《反爬虫JS破解与混淆还原手册》 by @No-Attack @LoseNine。 一本教你JS破解以及混淆与还原的教程。欢迎star,持续更新。
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15. Hybridflutter
Flutter + V8/JsCore 动态化
16. Parse
Go parsers for web formats
17. Frida Skeleton
18. Js Xxhash
Javascript implementation of xxHash
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19. Javascript Total
Сборник практических вопросов, задач разного уровня сложности, сниппетов (утилит), паттерны проектирования, а также полезные ссылки по JavaScript
20. Web designer
21. Vue Fullpage
22. React Oidc
A set of react components and HOC to make Oidc (Open ID Connect) client easy. It aim to simplify OAuth authentication between multiples providers.
23. Opendrinks
🍸 Open Source Drinks! Add your own recipe in a pull request! Inspired by 🎃Hacktoberfest!
26. Retyped
Access 3600+ libraries from C# and let Bridge.NET compile your project into JavaScript.
27. H2engine
28. Typy
Minimal JavaScript type checking library
29. Jsqrscanner
JavaScript QR Code scanner for HTML5 supporting browsers
30. Empirical Core
Empirical-Core is our web app for managing students, assigning activities, and viewing results. Core seamlessly incorporates 3rd party applications via the Empirical API.
32. Reactpatterns
React patterns & techniques to use in development for React Developer ⚛ .
33. D3 3d
D3.js plugin for 3d visualization
34. Nanoutils
🌊 Tiniest FP-friendly JavaScript utils library
35. Meedu Wxapp
📜meEdu微信小程序。(wxapp for meedu)
36. Bridge
♠️ C# to JavaScript compiler. Write modern mobile and web apps in C#. Run anywhere with Bridge.NET.
37. Blog
38. Snapstub
Copy API endpoints to your fs and run a local server using them
40. Js Docs
Este projeto foi desenvolvido para contribuir com o open-source. Se você quiser contribuir basta seguir o README
41. Jsbridge
js and java call each other.(一个JS与Java互相通信框架)
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42. Parse Xml
A fast, safe, compliant XML parser for Node.js and browsers.
44. Github Stars Manager
Chrome extension that allows you to manage your Github stars with tags, and to create a bookmark folder with all your stars organized by the tags you created
45. Color Picker
A simple color picker application written in pure JavaScript, for modern browsers.
46. Wkwebviewextension
An extension for WKWebView. Providing menuItems delete 、support protocol 、clear cache of iOS8 and so on.
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48. School
Sistema de gerenciamento para escola em Laravel com VueJS (Não é mais Angular)
49. X0popup
An alternative to original alert, confirm and prompt.
50. Jspp
JS++, a sound static/dynamic programming language for web development
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