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Html5 Boilerplate
A professional front-end template for building fast, robust, and adaptable web apps or sites.
Naming Convention Guides
📖 Collection of naming guides for writing more consistent and readable codes
Sysadmin Reading List
A reading/viewing list for larval stage sysadmins and SREs
Movies Kotlin Kata
Katas for practice Kotlin( Coroutines, dataclasses, delegate properties...) Clean Architecture and best practices in Android(DI, Dagger, MVP, Espresso) implemented by Jorge Sánchez (Xurxodev)
Eslint Plugin Ember
An ESlint plugin that provides set of rules for Ember Applications based on commonly known good practices.
Api on rails
Learn best practices to build an API using Ruby on Rails 5/6
Run Aspnetcore
A starter kit for your next ASP.NET Core web application. Boilerplate for ASP.NET Core reference application, demonstrating a layered application architecture with applying Clean Architecture and DDD best practices. Download 100+ page eBook PDF from here ->
A guide aiming to bridge the gap between the absolute Flutter basics and clean, structured Flutter Development
Rust Web Boilerplate
Rust web template for modern web backend applications
Javascript Todo List Tutorial
✅ A step-by-step complete beginner example/tutorial for building a Todo List App (TodoMVC) from scratch in JavaScript following Test Driven Development (TDD) best practice. 🌱
Opinionated coding guidelines and best practices in Python
Swan stands for Stuff We All Need. Unosquare's collection of C# extension methods and classes.
The Web Security Testing Guide is a comprehensive Open Source guide to testing the security of web applications and web services.
Lumen Api Starter
Lumen 8 基础上扩展出的API 启动项目,精心设计的目录结构,规范统一的响应数据格式,Repository 模式架构的最佳实践。
Awesome Patterns
Collections of Go patterns based on tmrts/go-patterns, But merged with other awesome forks and more improvoments.
Lighthouse Check Action
GitHub Action for running @GoogleChromeLabs Lighthouse audits with all the bells and whistles 🔔 Multiple audits, Slack notifications, and more!
Aws Serverless Data Lake Framework
Enterprise-grade, production-hardened, serverless data lake on AWS
Best Practices in Core Data explained within a demo application
Programming Guidelines
My personal programming guidelines
The guidelines used at our company
The Rest Architectural Style
An article on the REST architecture style.
Validation of best practices in your Kubernetes clusters
Open-source solution to automate the setup of an AWS Cloud environment with prescriptive best practices.
Verify some SSL/TLS website or XMPP implementation
Tensorflowkr 2017 Talk Bestpractice
💬 Slides and Tutorial Codes for the talk 'Toward Best Practices of TensorFlow Code Patterns' (2017)
Clean Code Java
Clean Code concepts adapted for Java. Based on @ryanmcdermott repository.
Php Conventions
Рекомендации по написанию PHP кода
Hugo Best Practices
Best practices and ideas for Hugo the open-source static site generator.
Modern Cpp Cheatsheet
Cheatsheet for best practices of Modern C++ (taken from Effective Modern C++)
Nn Template
Generic template to bootstrap your PyTorch project with PyTorch Lightning, Hydra, W&B, and DVC.
Vue Master Class
🗂 Source code for The Vue 2 Master Class
React Bits
✨ React patterns, techniques, tips and tricks ✨
Information on joining the government community — a collaborative community for sharing best practices in furtherance of open source, open data, and open government efforts.
Php Programming Best Practices
Referencia para los desarrolladores de Tiendanube y para la comunidad de PHP.
State Of The Art Shitcode
💩State-of-the-art shitcode principles your project should follow to call it a proper shitcode
Nginx Tuning
NGINX tuning for best performance
Git Good Commit
Git hook to help you write good commit messages, with no external dependencies.
Ios Good Practices
Good ideas for iOS development, by Futurice developers.
Backend Best Practices
An evolving description of general best practices for backend development.
✭ 1,736
Awesome Couchdb
CouchDB - curated meta resources & best practices list
🎬 MovieApp is a Flutter application built to demonstrate the use of modern development tools with best practices implementation like Modularization, BLoC, Dependency Injection, Dynamic Theme, Cache, Shimmer, Testing, Flavor, CI/CD, etc.
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