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Coinexchange cryptoexchange java
The best Java open source crypto currency exchange platform, bitcoin exchange based on Java | BTC exchange | ETH exchange | digital currency exchange | trading platform | matching trading engine. This project is based on the development of Spring Cloud microservices and can be used to build and secondary development of digital currency exchanges. It has a complete source code for matching trading engines, back-end management (back-end + front-end), front-end (transaction page, activity page, personal center, etc.), Android APP source code, Apple APP source code, currency wallet RPC source code. Contact Email: [email protected]
Gekko Datasets
Gekko Trading Bot dataset dumps. Ready to use and download history files in SQLite format.
Tardis Node
Convenient access to tick-level real-time and historical cryptocurrency market data via Node.js
A middleware framework and persistence layer to aggregate and normalize crypto-currency data.
Defi Pulse Adapters
DeFi Pulse Adapters - Official Repository so DeFi projects can keep their metrics up to date on DeFi Pulse
An open-source cryptocurrency exchange toolkit for implementing experimental exchange features
Coin registry
A global registry of JSON formatted files on 1500+ cryptocurrency tokens. Provides information like chat rooms, communities, explorers, and contact information on each coin. Used by, DEXs, developers, and exchanges.
Crypto Whale Watcher
An app to keep a watch on big volume trades of cryptocurrecies on different exchanges by sending alerts via a Telegram Bot.
A self hosted, cryptocurrency trading bot and framework supporting multiple exchanges with GUI
Core module for the StockML crypto trading application.
Node Binance Api
Node Binance API is an asynchronous node.js library for the Binance API designed to be easy to use.
Exchange Core
Ultra-fast matching engine written in Java based on LMAX Disruptor, Eclipse Collections, Real Logic Agrona, OpenHFT, LZ4 Java, and Adaptive Radix Trees.
A portfolio tracking, analytics, accounting and tax reporting application that protects your privacy
Golang Crypto Trading Bot
A golang implementation of a console-based trading bot for cryptocurrency exchanges
Bitcoin Core RPC compatible, battle-tested .NET library and RPC wrapper for Bitcoin and Altcoins
Php Binance Api
PHP Binance API is an asynchronous PHP library for the Binance API designed to be easy to use.
A wrapper for the Binance REST and WebSocket APIs. Also beautifies responses
Cryptofinance Google Sheets Add On
CRYPTOFINANCE() — The easiest way to get cryptocurrencies prices and more in Google Sheets.
[UNMAINTAINED] Ruby library to query market data from cryptocurrency exchanges (
Binance Api Node
💹 A complete and heavily tested wrapper with typings for the Binance API.
Test and Integration environment for rubykube/peatio
🚀 Fast and easy to use mobile trade interface for cryptocurrencies. Track your trades to the moon and beyond. Currently only for Bittrex.
Cryptocurrency portfolio management application which automatically retrieves balances and trades using exchange APIs
Google Spreadsheets add-on to get data directly from Binance API without any intermediaries! 🚀
Python based Trading Bot that uses webhook JSON alerts to place orders(buy/sell/close/manage positions/TP/SL/TS etc.) on Hire me directly here for any assistance
An in-memory copy of the order book on the GDAX cryptocurrency exchange, updated in real time via WebSocket feed, exposed in a thread-safe and lock-free data structure.
Makes use of python3 and bs4 to scrape historical cryptocurrency prices, volume and market caps from
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