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The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.
Quark Electron
Quark is a cross-platform, integrated development environment for rapidly building - functional , prototypal projects, written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript with native desktop app like capabilities.
Ios Signer Service
✒ A self-hosted, cross-platform service to sign and install iOS apps, all without a computer
🐱 Quickly purrge android apps from your phone
Light dark toggle
An awesome flutter app which artistically animates light and dark mode 😍
🚀 AppDeploy is the fastest way to get info on your mobile app & deploy it OTA without specific server configuration
📦Easily Backup & Restore Windows Programs Settings
Set of Clean Android recipes using Kotlin, Dagger, RxJava, Databinding. Goes along with series of articles "Keep Your Droid Clean"
✭ 160
🏪 App Store for Nextcloud
App Talk
Let iOS apps talk - A user contributable directory of iOS apps with x-callback-urls.
Get apps instantly via web. (This project is currently being rewritten)
✭ 135
An easy to use DDP client library
Android Examples
[Examples] Simple basic isolated apps, for budding android devs.
Itunes store transporter
Upload and manage your assets in the iTunes Store using the iTunes Store’s Transporter (iTMSTransporter).
A list of cool/useful Apps too help Android Developers
Django Apps Checklist
Useful checklist for build great Django apps. Feel free to contribute!
Syncing Thesis
Syncing strategies for mobile apps.
My Appdaemon
My apps, my helpfiles, all about AppDaemon for Home Assistant
A collection of apps built on Electron
A swift component with a DSL to declare GraphQL queries and to get string representations out of them
My Ios
List of applications and tools that make my iOS experience even more amazing
Hapi Fhir
🔥 HAPI FHIR - Java API for HL7 FHIR Clients and Servers
A Sticky Note Application
This is the repository for my course, Electron: Building Cross Platform Desktop Apps on LinkedIn Learning and Cli
The CLI for interacting with Rocket.Chat Apps
Windows Open Source Apps
Community App Catalog for TrueNAS SCALE
Appdepends Ios
🔍 搜集热门APP,列举其所依赖和使用的开源库。
🚀 The easiest way to automate building and releasing your iOS and Android apps
Mac Set Default Apps
A utility to change default applications in macOS
Awesome Streamlit
The purpose of this project is to share knowledge on how awesome Streamlit is and can be
Manage apps of iOS devices
🔍 A smart launcher. Powered by JavaScript.
Open Source Mac Os Apps
🚀 Awesome list of open source applications for macOS.
Microsoft Cloud Workshop Project
Mycroft Skills
A repository for sharing and collaboration for third-party Mycroft skills development.
A simple but flexible cache
An Effort to gather all Flutter Create App submissions at one place from various resources.
App Icon
Icon management for Mobile Apps. Create icons, generate all required sizes, label and annotate. Supports Native, Cordova, React Native, Xamarin and more. Inspired by cordova-icon.
Odoo. Open Source Apps To Grow Your Business.
Awesome Decentralized
🕶 Awesome list of distributed, decentralized, p2p apps and tools 👍
Gradle Play Publisher
GPP is Android's unofficial release automation Gradle Plugin. It can do anything from building, uploading, and then promoting your App Bundle or APK to publishing app listings and other metadata.
Fossdroid Core
Fossdroid Core is a web frontend of F-Droid: an alternative software repository comprising only free, open source software for Android. This repo is the open source version of
Awesome Command Line Apps
🐚 Use your terminal shell to do awesome things.
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