Top 23 optics open source projects

1. Inkscape Raytracing
An extension for Inkscape that makes it easier to draw optical diagrams.
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2. Goggles
Pleasant, yet principled Scala optics DSL
3. Python Lenses
A python lens library for manipulating deeply nested immutable structures
4. Dbscan
Density Based Clustering of Applications with Noise (DBSCAN) and Related Algorithms - R package
5. Awesome Physics
🌌 A collaborative list of awesome software for exploring Physics concepts
6. Poppy
Physical Optics Propagation in Python
7. Optics Ts
Type-safe, ergonomic, polymorphic optics for TypeScript
8. Neuroptica
Flexible simulation package for optical neural networks
11. Angler
Frequency-domain photonic simulation and inverse design optimization for linear and nonlinear devices
12. Qpga
Simulations of photonic quantum programmable gate arrays
13. Prysm
physical optics: integrated modeling, phase retrieval, segmented systems, polynomials and fitting, ...
14. Adda
ADDA - light scattering simulator based on the discrete dipole approximation
15. Wptherml
Pioneering the design of materials to harness heat.
16. Return Optics
Extending Return with Lenses to do fun things in the Elm update function
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17. Partial.lenses
Partial lenses is a comprehensive, high-performance optics library for JavaScript
19. Monocle Ts
Functional optics: a (partial) porting of Scala monocle
20. Derive4j
Java 8 annotation processor and framework for deriving algebraic data types constructors, pattern-matching, folds, optics and typeclasses.
21. Generic Lens
Generically derive traversals, lenses, and prisms.
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