Top 153 dsl open source projects

1. Swifql
💎 A Swift DSL for type-safe, extensible, and transformable SQL queries.
2. Kotlin Csv
Pure Kotlin CSV Reader/Writer
✭ 238
3. Better Parse
A nice parser combinator library for Kotlin
4. Hypertext
Any-way-you-want-it, type-safe HTML in Swift.
5. Lin
Lin is an Android Lint tool made simple
6. Spot
Spot is a concise, developer-friendly way to describe your API contract.
7. Dsladapter
🔥 Kotlin时代的Adapter, Dsl 的形式使用 RecyclerView.Adapter, 支持折叠展开, 树结构,悬停,情感图状态切换, 加载更多, 多类型Item,侧滑菜单等
8. Sculptor
Sculptor is a code generator that applies the concepts from Domain-Driven Design and Domain Specific Languages.
9. Dsl.scala
A framework to create embedded Domain-Specific Languages in Scala
12. Yql
yet another query language for rule engine in golang
13. Mimium
mimium (MInimal Musical medIUM) a programming language as an infrastructure for sound and music.
14. Magic
Create your .Net Core/Angular/Database CRUD Web apps by simply clicking a button
15. Cornichon
Scala DSL for testing HTTP JSON API
16. Dsl
Structurizr DSL
✭ 206
17. Kotlin Jpa Specification Dsl
This library provides a fluent DSL for querying spring data JPA repositories using spring data Specifications (i.e. the JPA Criteria API), without boilerplate code or a generated metamodel.
18. Koin Samples
KOIN - a concise and pragmatic dependency injection framework for Kotlin -- #Samples
19. Goggles
Pleasant, yet principled Scala optics DSL
20. Lift
The Lift programming language and compiler
✭ 197
21. Glimmer
DSL Framework consisting of a DSL Engine and a Data-Binding Library used in Glimmer DSL for SWT (JRuby Desktop Development GUI Framework), Glimmer DSL for Opal (Pure Ruby Web GUI), Glimmer DSL for XML (& HTML), Glimmer DSL for CSS, and Glimmer DSL for Tk (MRI Ruby Desktop Development GUI Library)
22. Doctorpretty
Wadler's "A prettier printer" embedded pretty-printer DSL for Swift
23. Swiftdb
A modern database abstraction layer, batteries included.
24. Java Binary Block Parser
most comfortable and dynamic way to process bit data in Java and Android
26. Rosencrantz
A web DSL for Nim
27. Fornax
Scriptable static site generator using type safe F# DSL to define page templates.
28. Poshspec
Infrastructure Testing DSL running in Pester
29. Android Drawable Dsl
DSL for constructing the drawables in Kotlin instead of in XML
30. Pegparser
💡 Build your own programming language! A C++17 PEG parser generator supporting parser combination, memoization, left-recursion and context-dependent grammars.
31. Catalyst.jl
Chemical reaction network and systems biology interface for scientific machine learning (SciML). High performance, GPU-parallelized, and O(1) solvers in open source software
32. Cloud Dev
云研发,是一种生于云上的闭环 + 代码化的软件开发方式。它可以让业务人员、开发人员、运营人员等在同一个云端共同协作、透明化地完成整个软件的生命周期(需求、设计、编码、构建、部署、运营),而非相互隔离,又或者是借助于多个软件才能完成工作。
33. Heterocl
HeteroCL: A Multi-Paradigm Programming Infrastructure for Software-Defined Heterogeneous Computing
36. Lizzie
A script language for .Net and the CLR
37. Qemu Images
A collection of disk images and virtual machines that can be used by the QEMU emulator
39. Sparkling Graph
SparklingGraph provides easy to use set of features that will give you ability to proces large scala graphs using Spark and GraphX.
40. Spmeta2
SharePoint artifact provision for .NET platform. Supports SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2019, 2016 and 2013 via CSOM/SSOM.
42. Uikitswiftdsl
Swift DSL for UIKit
43. Alma
ALgoloid with MAcros -- a language with Algol-family syntax where macros take center stage
44. Play Monadic Actions
A simple scala DSL to allow clean and monadic style for Play! Actions
45. Elasticsearch Sql
parse sql into elasticsearch dsl with antlr4
46. Xpyth
A module for querying the DOM tree and writing XPath expressions using native Python syntax.
47. Telegraff
Kotlin DSL для разработки Telegram ботов
48. Lowcode
Low-code platform design rule
✭ 118
49. Cypher Dsl
A Java DSL for the Cypher Query Language
50. Slick Migration Api
Schema manipulation dialects and DSL for Slick (mirrored from gitlab)
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