Top 33 c99 open source projects

1. Gunslinger
C99, header-only framework for games and multimedia applications
2. Libcbor
CBOR protocol implementation for C
3. Cparser
C99 parser and frontend for libfirm
4. Fastlz
Small & portable byte-aligned LZ77 compression
5. Memject
Simple Dll injector loading from memory. Supports PE header and entry point erasure. Written in C99.
6. Metalang99
A functional language for C99 preprocessor metaprogramming
7. Crypto1 bs
Bitsliced Crypto-1 brute-forcer
9. Xwm
A tiny XCB floating window manager.
10. Dte
A small, configurable console text editor (moved to
11. Zenroom
Small, secure and portable virtual machine for crypto language processing
12. The Debuginator
A juicy feature-packed debug menu intended for games.
13. Anubis
Free open-source training software / cheat for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, written in C.
14. Nbnet
single header C(99) library to implement client-server network code for games
15. Tm
Single-file libraries for C/C++ in public domain
16. Fbx
📜 Single-file binary FBX importer.
17. Adda
ADDA - light scattering simulator based on the discrete dipole approximation
18. Wtk
📺 A cross-platform immediate mode user-interface library. Public domain.
20. Cloak
A mini-preprocessor library to demostrate the recursive capabilites of the preprocessor
21. Cgltf
💠 Single-file glTF 2.0 loader and writer written in C99
✭ 628
22. Libexpat
🌿 Expat library: Fast streaming XML parser written in C; in the process of migrating from SourceForge to GitHub
24. Voxelizer
Header only mesh voxelizer in c99
25. Azure Iot Sdk C
A C99 SDK for connecting devices to Microsoft Azure IoT services
27. Wax
A tiny programming language that transpiles to C, C++, Java, TypeScript, Python, C#, Swift, Lua and WebAssembly 🚀
30. I Use Arch Btw
"I use Arch btw" but it's a Turing-complete programming language.
31. Libspng
Simple, modern libpng alternative
32. Awesome C
A curated list of awesome C resources
33. 3d Quickhull
Header only 3d quickhull in c99
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