Top 478 lambda open source projects

A honey token manager and alert system for AWS.
headless chrome + selenium webdriver in AWS Lambda using the serverless application model
Aws Etl Orchestrator
A serverless architecture for orchestrating ETL jobs in arbitrarily-complex workflows using AWS Step Functions and AWS Lambda.
Kotlin In Action
Mercury Parser Api
🚀 A drop-in replacement for the Mercury Parser API.
Now Deno
Deno builder for Vercel - run Deno on Vercel. :sauropod: + λ = ❤️
Repository for BLESS, an SSH Certificate Authority that runs as a AWS Lambda function
AWS Lambda Go net/http server adapter
StreamAlert is a serverless, realtime data analysis framework which empowers you to ingest, analyze, and alert on data from any environment, using datasources and alerting logic you define.
Serverless Analytics
Track website visitors with Serverless Analytics using Kinesis, Lambda, and TypeScript.
Easy logging and debugging for Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda Serverless APIs
Serverless Slack App
A Serverless.js Slack App Boilerplate with OAuth and Bot actions
Knative Lambda Runtime
Running AWS Lambda Functions on Knative/Kubernetes Clusters
Find out more about your music taste and compare it to others' with Obscurify
Prerendercloud Lambda Edge
Prerender CloudFront with this [email protected] function.
Anonymous functions in C
✭ 195
Serverless Sinatra Sample
Demo code for running Ruby Sinatra on AWS Lambda
React On Lambda
A JavaScript library for building React applications in more functional way. Alternative to JSX.
Aws Auto Remediate
Open source application to instantly remediate common security issues through the use of AWS Config
Aws Lambda Fastify
Insipired by aws-serverless-express to work with Fastify with inject functionality.
Realworld Dynamodb Lambda
λ serverless backend implementation for RealWorld using AWS DynamoDB + Lambda
The Serverless Framework's new infrastructure provisioning technology — Build, compose, & deploy serverless apps in seconds...
EventStorming workshop, this is a hands-on workshop. Contains such topics: DDD, Event storming, Specification by example. Including the AWS product : Serverless Lambda , DynamoDB, Fargate, CloudWatch.
Micro Aws Lambda
A 7KB and 0 dependencies AWS Lambda library which supports middleware and easy debug.
Run the same Docker images in AWS Lambda and AWS ECS
Of Watchdog
Reverse proxy for STDIO and HTTP microservices
Partial application syntax and lambda parameters for JavaScript, inspired by Scala's `_` & Kotlin's `it`
Pulumi Aws
An Amazon Web Services (AWS) Pulumi resource package, providing multi-language access to AWS
Es2017 Lambda Boilerplate
AWS Lambda boilerplate for Node.js 6.10, adding ES2018/7/6 features, Docker-based unit testing and various CI/CD configurations
Laravel Bridge
Package to use Laravel on AWS Lambda with Bref
Aws Lambda Wkhtmltopdf
Convert HTML to PDF using Webkit (QtWebKit) on AWS Lambda
Sqs Worker Serverless
Example for SQS Worker in AWS Lambda using Serverless
Aws Serverless Appsync App
This workshop shows you how to build a Web Application that demonstrates how easy it is to create data driven web applications all with no servers. You will build a serverless web application that lets users search for popular tourist destinations. The application will use AWS AppSync and the AWS Serverless platform to provide real-time weather analysis of the indexed destinations.
Swift library to develop custom Alexa Skills
Aws Serverless Cicd Workshop
Learn how to build a CI/CD pipeline for SAM-based applications
List Lambdas
Enumerate Lambda functions across all regions with useful metadata 💡💵⚙
Lets Java 8 Lambdas to be represented as objects in the form of expression trees at runtime
Scala-like pattern matching for Java 8
Terraform Aws Labs
Terraform template for AWS provider ☁️
A lib make building AWS Lambda compatible layer easily
Serverless Sam
Serverless framework plugin to export AWS SAM templates for a service
Fluent Validation-powered Blazor component for validating standard <EditForm> 🌌 ✅
Project Flogo is an open source ecosystem of opinionated event-driven capabilities to simplify building efficient & modern serverless functions, microservices & edge apps.
(experimental) Syntactic sugar for variant and optional types.
Function process via docker provider (serverless minimalist)
Aws Maintenance Lambda
A lambda function to send alerts (to Slack, HipChat) on AWS maintenance events.
Designing Cloud Native Microservices On Aws
Introduce a fluent way to design cloud native microservices via EventStorming workshop, this is a hands-on workshop. Contains such topics: DDD, Event storming, Specification by example. Including the AWS product : Serverless Lambda , DynamoDB, Fargate, CloudWatch.
Aws Lambda List
A list of hopefully useful AWS lambdas and lambda-related resources.
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