Top 33 macro open source projects

1. Ifmt
Inline expression interpolation for Rust.
2. Easytuple
Sometimes you may need to return multiple values other than just one. In these cases, you can use a pointer, like NSError **, or you can put them into an array or a dictionary, or straightforward, create a class for it. But you have another choice now, EasyTuple, it can group multiple values in a better way.
✭ 186
3. Alma
ALgoloid with MAcros -- a language with Algol-family syntax where macros take center stage
4. Avpi
an open source voice command macro software
5. Elmacro
Package to display keyboard macros or latest interactive commands as emacs lisp.
✭ 126
6. Sugar Rs
Rust syntax sugar collections.
7. Aquatouch
Dynamic Custom Macros for your MacBook TouchBar! (Supports 40+ Apps and Websites)
8. Chain.jl
A Julia package for piping a value through a series of transformation expressions using a more convenient syntax than Julia's native piping functionality.
10. If chain
Macro for writing nested `if let` expressions
✭ 92
11. Robustpentestmacro
This is a rich-featured Visual Basic macro code for use during Penetration Testing assignments, implementing various advanced post-exploitation techniques.
12. Cascade
Dart-like cascade expressions in Rust
13. Evilclippy
A cross-platform assistant for creating malicious MS Office documents. Can hide VBA macros, stomp VBA code (via P-Code) and confuse macro analysis tools. Runs on Linux, OSX and Windows.
14. Givingstorm
Infection vector that bypasses AV, IDS, and IPS. (For now...)
15. Tink lang
Tink Sugar. Sweeeeeeeeet.
✭ 64
16. Fast String Interpolator
Scala macro that generates ultra-fast string interpolators.
17. Fasmg
flat assembler g - examples library
18. Comp Rs
Pure-macro Do notation and List-comprehension for Option, Result and Iterator.
✭ 48
19. Template.scala
C++ Flavored Template Metaprogramming in Scala
20. Xkcd Unreachable Rs
A Rust macro xkcd_unreachable!() inspired by
✭ 37
22. Maud
📝 Compile-time HTML templates for Rust
23. Eminim
JSON serialization framework for Nim, works from a Stream directly to any type and back. Depends only on stdlib.
24. Macrokey
A mod that allows you to bind keys
25. Protobuf Convert
Macros for convenient serialization of Rust data structures into/from Protocol Buffers 3
26. Repeat
Cross-platform mouse/keyboard record/replay and automation hotkeys/macros creation, and more advanced automation features.
28. Soldier76
PUBG - 罗技鼠标宏 | 兴趣使然的项目,完虐收费宏!点个Star支持一下作者![PUBG - Logitech mouse macro | Support 12 kinds of guns without recoil!]
✭ 577
29. Magnolia
Fast, easy and transparent typeclass derivation for Scala 2
✭ 523
30. Eslisp
un-opinionated S-expression syntax and macro system for JavaScript
31. Excelntdonut
Excel 4.0 (XLM) Macro Generator for injecting DLLs and EXEs into memory.
32. Quick Error
A rust-macro which makes errors easy to write
33. Ps4macro
Automation utility for PS4 Remote Play written in C#
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