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Dry Schema
Coercion and validation for data structures
Scenic is maintained by Derek Prior, Caleb Hearth, and you, our contributors.
Graphql Rover
🚀 GraphQL + Vue.js + D3.js schema viewer, powered by introspection.
Assertions API for Clojure/Script
Password Validator
Validates password according to flexible and intuitive specification
SoqlXplorer is an awesome tool for developers using the platform.
Minimal metadata schemas for science software and code, in JSON-LD
Project documentation:
Template your base files and generate new projects from Git(Hub).
Hodur Engine
Hodur is a domain modeling approach and collection of libraries to Clojure. By using Hodur you can define your domain model as data, parse and validate it, and then either consume your model via an API or use one of the many plugins to help you achieve mechanical results faster and in a purely functional manner.
Instant Graphql for MongoDb (active branch is golang, rewrite in process)
Graphql Parser
A graphql query language and schema definition language parser and formatter for rust
Django Rest Marshmallow
Marshmallow schemas for Django REST framework
GraphQL Conventions Library for .NET
Computed Types
🦩 Joi like validations for TypeScript
TypeScript SQLite layer with support for both native C++ & pure JavaScript drivers.
Janusgraph Utils
Develop a graph database app using JanusGraph
Protobuf Dynamic
Protocol Buffers Dynamic Schema - create protobuf schemas programmatically
Graphql Toolkit
A set of utils for faster development of GraphQL tools
Json.NET Schema is a powerful, complete and easy to use JSON Schema framework for .NET
A field-first form library for React and React Native
Use JSON to create React Components.
Structured Data Json Ld
Collection of structured data snippets in Google preferred JSON-LD format.
🌎 Public GraphQL API for information about countries
Type-safe and Schema-safe Scala wrapper for Cassandra driver
Schema Typed
Schema for data modeling & validation
omniparser: a native Golang ETL streaming parser and transform library for CSV, JSON, XML, EDI, text, etc.
Nope Validator
A small, simple and fast JS validator. Like, wow thats fast. 🚀
Strongly-typed JavaScript object with support for validation and error handling.
Graphql Cli
📟 Command line tool for common GraphQL development workflows
A validation library for Pandas data frames using user-friendly schemas
Join Monster Graphql Tools Adapter
Use Join Monster to fetch your data with Apollo Server.
Principled schema system for JSON. Work in progress.
Generate a form using JSON Schema, Vue and ElementUI
A database migration tool. Supports SQL migrations and Go functions.
SCORM API for Content. JavaScript library, QUnit tests and examples.
Pulsar Flink
Elastic data processing with Apache Pulsar and Apache Flink
Graphql Schema Registry
GraphQL schema registry
Awesome Python Models
A curated list of awesome Python libraries, which implement models, schemas, serializers/deserializers, ODM's/ORM's, Active Records or similar patterns.
React Structured Data
React Structured Data provides an easy way to add structured data to your React apps
Python library to load dynamically typed data into statically typed data structures
GraphQL is a new way of communicating with your server. It eliminates the problems of over- and under-fetching, incorporates strong data types, has built-in introspection, documentation and deprecation capabilities, and is implemented in many programming languages. This all leads to gloriously low-latency user experiences, better developer experiences, and much increased productivity. Because of all this, GraphQL is typically used as a replacement for (or companion to) RESTful API services.
Schema and data analyzer for MongoDB written in Go.
Meteor Autoform
AutoForm is a Meteor package that adds UI components and helpers to easily create basic forms with automatic insert and update events, and automatic reactive validation.
Ngx Form Builder
Angular Form generation base on Angular , dynamic template support ng-zorro-antd/BootStrap UI (基于ng8的 json schema 表单生成器,提供生成组件源码,可对生成的表单代码进行编辑)
🐺 Generate relational schemas, PropTypes, Flow aliases, and TypeScript interfaces from JSON or GraphQL schematic files.
Schema Registry
A CLI and Go client for Kafka Schema Registry
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