Top 352 applescript open source projects

1. Tree Tools
Various scripts for working with nested text outlines
✭ 252
2. Jenkins App
Make Jenkins behave like a Mac application to make it easier to manage.
✭ 249
3. Custom Alfred Iterm Scripts
AppleScript for iTerm2 Alfred integration.
4. Ofscripts
A collection of the AppleScripts I use to extend OmniFocus.
5. Importphotofolders
Import a folder hierarchy as albums into OS X Photos.
✭ 220
6. Lastpass Alfred Workflow
Simple Lastpass Workflow for Alfred
✭ 206
7. Apple Id Applescript
AppleScript to programatically create Apple IDs
✭ 204
8. Macphish
Office for Mac Macro Payload Generator
9. Jxa
JavaScript for Automation(JXA) packages for TypeScript/Node.js.
10. Marked Bonus Pack
Scripts, commands, and services that make the Marked app for macOS more useful
✭ 183
11. Gitman
✭ 176
12. Hubot Imessage
iMessage adapter for Hubot
✭ 174
13. Open In Chrome
Safari extension that opens the current page in Chrome. Note: this project is no longer maintained.
✭ 168
14. Launchbar Scripts
Scripts for LaunchBar, Alfred, Keyboard Maestro and more.
✭ 167
17. Omnifocus Scripts
Scripts for use with OmniFocus
✭ 156
18. Force Paste
Paste text even when not allowed (password dialogs etc) in macOS
19. Btt Touchbar Presets
BetterTouchTool Touch Bar Presets
✭ 1,841
20. Svgo Osx Folder Action
OS X Folder Action for SVGO
✭ 149
21. Div
Div — a simple Alfred window manager
✭ 149
23. Aquatouch
Dynamic Custom Macros for your MacBook TouchBar! (Supports 40+ Apps and Websites)
24. Jared
An easily extensible chat bot for iMessage written in Swift.
25. Open In Sublime
(OS X only) Open the current finder window in Sublime Text 2 with a button click
✭ 111
26. Evernote Backup
An AppleScript to backup Evernote data
✭ 110
27. Twitch Scripts
all of the scripts I use to automate my twitch stream
✭ 109
28. Mac Taskpaper
TaskPaper for Mac - Themes and Settings
✭ 104
29. Madever
✭ 102
30. Hax With Flic Osx
Basic Flic application for Mac.
✭ 101
31. Qimage Mac
Mac 版本的 Markdown 一键贴图工具,基于 Alfred 实现,支持本地文件、截图、网络图片一键上传七牛云,使用简单方便
32. Bob Popclip
用于快捷调用 Bob 的 PopClip 插件
33. Openplex
PlexConnect installer GUI for Mac OS X 64-bit
34. Csv Toicloudkeychain
Import CSV credentials to iCloud Keychain.
35. Emacs Grammarly
an Emacs extension to send a text to/from Grammarly
36. Termtile
Terminal window manager for OS X
✭ 1,286
38. Apple Id Applescript
AppleScript to programatically create Apple IDs
39. Read Only Coding
Automator services to make coding in Xcode easier
40. Coda2 Mode Jquery
jQuery Syntax Mode/Highlight/Autocomplete for Coda 2
41. Gb2midi
Tools for converting Garageband files to MIDI files
42. Alfred Open With Vscode Workflow
Alfred 3 workflow for opening files or folders in Visual Studio Code.
43. Osx Script Stuff
Various scripts I use to automate my mac
44. Applescripts
My collection of scripts I've written over the years
45. Automator
Various Automator and AppleScript workflow and scripts for simplifying life
46. Omnifocus 3 Applescript Guide
OmniFocus 3 AppleScript Guide
47. Coda 2 Modes
Modes for Coda 2
48. Play Song
An Alfred workflow for quickly and easily playing music in iTunes / Apple Music
49. Spillo Applescript
AppleScript examples for Spillo
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