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Flutter firebase
Flutter UI with different widgets and firebase authentication email and gmail
WhatsApp UI in Xamarin.Forms
Expenso Ios
A Simple Expense Tracker App built to demonstrate the use of SwiftUI, CoreData, Charts, Biometrics (Face & Touch ID) and MVVM Architecture.
Metroset Ui
Windows Forms Metro Skin Style, Make The Applications With Metro Styles. see more
A SwiftUI package to beautifully display and handle permissions.
A simple, clean calendar and clock app for macOS.
Css Mint
Lightweight and simple to use UI Kit. Fully responsive, just 3KB gzipped.
Code Samples
Just some code samples for MahApps and other experiments...
A free, responsive, ready to use website ui kit, built with bootstrap 4.
Sampler, Sequencer, Multi-engine synth and effects - in a box! [WIP]
Flutter Storyboard
Vue Beauty
Beautiful UI components build with vue and ant design
🔖 A Quotes Application built to Demonstrate the Jetpack Compose UI
Light dark toggle
An awesome flutter app which artistically animates light and dark mode 😍
Login Page and dashboard concept with awesome transition animation
A tiny CSS framework for building faithful recreations of the Windows 7 UI.
Instagram Clone
A clone of the Instagram app 📱 🥳 . made with React-native and Typescript ❤️.
Ppfish Components
Fish Design: 面向B端设计的企业级UI组件库
Sketchize is built for UI/UX Designers to help them design lovely apps for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.
Modern styles for Avalonia controls.
Awesome Web Design
🎨 A curated list of awesome resources for digital designers.
You Dont Know Ui
Learn how to build universal, modern and scalable user interfaces
Tiny iOS library to achieve overlap visual effect
A css-based web components.
Puzzle Publisher
A Sketch plugin that exports Sketch artboards into clickable HTML file and publishes it on an external site.
Flutter Ui Designs
Just collection of UI designs build with flutter. Can run on any mobile, web & desktop.
Ui Dna
programmable and semantically UI design tool for Photoshop
Dynamic Custom Macros for your MacBook TouchBar! (Supports 40+ Apps and Websites)
People is great app with smart UI with new look animation
Awesome flutter ui
This repository demonstrates use of various widgets in flutter and tricks to create beautiful UI elements in flutter for Android and IOS
Atom Design
🍬 The mobile side UI-library base on Vue.js
This project is meant to provide resources to users who want to access good LinkedIn posts which contains resources to learn any Technology, Design, Self-Branding, Motivation etc. You can visit project by:
Simply beautiful open source icons, community-sourced
Busbookingui Android
Check out the new style for App Design aims for the Bus Booking Service...😉😀😁😎
Ui Ux Designer Roadmap
Roadmap on becoming a UI/UX designer in 2017
Dating UI kit is used for online meet up with girls and boys . The screen contains more than 30 icons and most of all required elements required to design an application like this. The XML and JAVA files contains comments at each and every point for easy understanding. Everything was made with a detail oriented style and followed by today's web trends. Clean coded & Layers are well-organized, carefully named, and grouped.
Nord Atom Ui
An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant minimal Atom UI theme.
Web Toolkit
A web UI framework based on GTK's Adwaita theme
Food lab
A Food App using Flutter & Firebase to post and view food blogs along with their recipes.
🐰A beautiful circle menu powered by Vue.js
A front-end framework aims at developing web projects based on CSS3 and provides common components.
Flutter Gmail Redesign
Gmail UI Redesign in Flutter
⚡️A library for adding messenger style floating bubbles to any android application 📲
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