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1. Inspection Plugin
Gradle plugin to launch IDEA inspections
✭ 248
2. Meta Runner Power Pack
A set of Meta-runners for TeamCity
✭ 241
3. Ring Ui
A collection of JetBrains Web UI components
4. Rd
Reactive Distributed communication framework for .net, kotlin, js. Inspired by Rider IDE.
✭ 240
5. Kotlinconf App
KotlinConf Schedule Application
✭ 2,633
7. Resharper Fsharp
F# support in JetBrains Rider
8. La Clojure
Clojure plugin for IntelliJ IDEA
✭ 215
9. Kotlin Playground
Self-contained component to embed in websites for running Kotlin code
10. Create React Kotlin App
Create React apps using Kotlin with no build configuration
11. Projector Installer
Install, configure and run JetBrains IDEs with Projector Server on Linux or in WSL
✭ 197
12. Jetbrainsruntime
Runtime environment based on OpenJDK for running IntelliJ Platform-based products on Windows, macOS, and Linux
13. Pty4j
Pty for Java
✭ 195
14. Youtrack Mobile
A iOS and Android client for YouTrack
15. Kotlin Spark Api
This projects gives Kotlin bindings and several extensions for Apache Spark. We are looking to have this as a part of Apache Spark 3.x
16. Lets Plot Kotlin
Kotlin API for Lets-Plot - an open-source plotting library for statistical data.
17. Ideolog
Interactive viewer for '.log' files.
✭ 176
18. Markdown
Markdown parser written in kotlin
✭ 174
19. Awesome Pycharm
A curated list of resources for learning and using PyCharm, a Python IDE from JetBrains
20. Kotlin Web Demo
Online mini-IDE for Kotlin
✭ 165
21. Kotlin Eclipse
Kotlin Plugin for Eclipse
✭ 165
22. Resharper Rider Samples
Simple interactive exercises to help learn ReSharper and Rider
✭ 163
23. Compose For Web Demos
Demo projects powered by Compose for Web. / DON'T USE IN PRODUCTION!
24. Java Annotations
Annotations for JVM-based languages.
✭ 160
26. Youtrack Workflows
YouTrack Custom Workflow Repository
✭ 158
27. Intellij Community
IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition & IntelliJ Platform
28. Skija
Java bindings for Skia
29. Hackathon Embeditor
Vim inside IntelliJ or IntelliJ inside Vim
✭ 142
30. Phpstorm Attributes
PhpStorm specific attributes
✭ 140
31. Gradle Idea Ext Plugin
Plugin to store IJ settings in gradle script
✭ 137
32. Intellij Samples
Code that demonstrates various IntelliJ IDEA features
✭ 135
33. Resharper Angularjs
ReSharper plugin for AngularJS support
34. Svg Mixer
Node.js toolset for generating & transforming SVG images and sprites in modern way
✭ 135
36. Intellij Plugins
Open-source plugins included in the distribution of IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate and other IDEs based on the IntelliJ Platform
37. Python Skeletons
The python-skeltons repo is deprecated: use PEP 484 and Typeshed instead
✭ 131
38. Ruby Type Inference
Dynamic definitions and types provider for ruby static analysis
39. Teamcity Messages
Python Unit Test Reporting to TeamCity
✭ 121
40. Phpstorm Phpstan Plugin
PHPStan plugin for PhpStorm
✭ 121
41. Web Types
JSON standard for documenting web component libraries for IDEs, documentation generators and other tools
✭ 118
42. Youtracksharp
.NET Standard 2.0 Library to access YouTrack API.
✭ 115
43. Jb Rpd Splash
Generate artwork for JetBrains products using RPD
44. Phpstorm Docker Images
Pre-configured Docker images used by PhpStorm team
✭ 108
46. Resharper Cyclomatic Complexity
ReSharper plugin to measure cyclomatic complexity as you type
47. Gradle Changelog Plugin
Plugin for parsing and managing the Changelog in a "keep a changelog" style.
48. Origami
Code2Art: Branded Animation Generator
✭ 102
49. Resharper Nuget
Plugin for ReSharper to support NuGet references correctly
50. Intellij Scala Bundle
IntelliJ Scala Bundle - get started with Scala in a single click!
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