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Webpack Shell Plugin
Run shell commands either before or after webpack builds
Webpack Messages
Beautifully format Webpack messages throughout your bundle lifecycle(s)!
🦔 A Webpack plugin to inline your critical CSS and lazy-load the rest.
Hard Source Webpack Plugin
Page Skeleton Webpack Plugin
Webpack plugin to generate the skeleton page automatically
Antd Dayjs Webpack Plugin
⏰ Day.js webpack plugin for antd
Unused Files Webpack Plugin
Glob all files that are not compiled by webpack under webpack's context
Bundle Buddy Webpack Plugin
🐐🐐🐐🐐 bundle-buddy-webpack-plugin 🐐🐐🐐🐐
Vue Auto Routing
Generate Vue Router routing automatically
Preload Webpack Plugin
Please use instead.
Antd Scss Theme Plugin
A Webpack plugin for customizing Ant Design with an SCSS theme file and using Ant Design's compiled variables in SCSS files throughout your project.
Workerize Loader
🏗️ Automatically move a module into a Web Worker (Webpack loader)
Multipage Webpack Plugin
A plugin that makes handling templates and asset distribution for multi-page applications using webpack trivial
Virtual Module Webpack Plugin
Adds the contents of a virtual file to webpack's cached file system without writing it to disk
Optimize Js Plugin
Webpack plugin to optimize a JavaScript file for faster initial load by wrapping eagerly-invoked functions.
React Refresh Webpack Plugin
A Webpack plugin to enable "Fast Refresh" (also previously known as Hot Reloading) for React components.
React Webpack4 Cook
💯The most powerful webpack4 tutorial in the universe
Clean Webpack Plugin
By default, this plugin will remove all files inside webpack's output.path directory, as well as all unused webpack assets after every successful rebuild.
Nodemon Webpack Plugin
A webpack plugin that uses Nodemon to start and reload the server.
Webpack Babel Multi Target Plugin
A Webpack plugin that works with Babel to allow differential loading - production deployment of ES2015 builds targeted to modern browsers, with an ES5 fallback for legacy browsers.
Obsolete Webpack Plugin
🌈 A Webpack plugin generates a browser-side standalone script that detects browser compatibility based on `Browserslist` and prompts website users to upgrade it.
Bundle Stats
In-depth bundle analyzer for webpack(bundle size, assets, modules, packages)
Worker Plugin
👩‍🏭 Adds native Web Worker bundling support to Webpack.
Webpack Require From
Webpack plugin that allows to configure path or URL for fetching dynamic imports
Size Plugin
Track compressed Webpack asset sizes over time.
Webpack Visualizer
Visualize your Webpack bundle
Rollbar Sourcemap Webpack Plugin
A Webpack plugin to upload sourcemaps to Rollbar
Everything Is A Plugin
Everything is a Plugin: Mastering webpack from the inside out. NgConf 2017
License Webpack Plugin
Outputs licenses from 3rd party libraries to a file
Sw Precache Webpack Plugin
Webpack plugin that generates a service worker using sw-precache that will cache webpack's bundles' emitted assets. You can optionally pass sw-precache configuration options to webpack through this plugin.
Npm Install Webpack Plugin
Speed up development by automatically installing & saving dependencies with Webpack.
Webpack Tools
☕️Just a simple webpack sample project.
Gas Webpack Plugin
Webpack plugin for Google Apps Script
Fork Ts Checker Webpack Plugin
Webpack plugin that runs typescript type checker on a separate process.
Webpack Core Usage
Ngc Webpack
Angular compiler-cli with webpack's loader chain.
Add Asset Webpack Plugin
Dynamically add an asset to the Webpack graph
Google Fonts Plugin
Webpack plugin that downloads fonts from Google Fonts and encodes them to base64
Compression Webpack Plugin
Prepare compressed versions of assets to serve them with Content-Encoding
Moment Timezone Data Webpack Plugin
Reduce moment-timezone data size for a webpack build
Svg Sprite Webpack Plugin
Webpack plugin for loading/extracting SVGs into a sprite file
Webpack plugin to enable reloading while developing Chrome extensions.
Vue Builder Webpack Plugin
Webpack plugin to build vue files automatically
SnackUI 🍑 - the final React style library. With an *optimizing compiler* that lets you write views naturally, with easier DX, working on native and web at once, all while being faster than hand-rolling your own CSS.
Optimize Css Assets Webpack Plugin
A Webpack plugin to optimize \ minimize CSS assets.
master分支:webpack4实现一个vue的打包的项目,incremental: 实现增量模块打包
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