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Top 913 svg open source projects

Create graphics with a hand-drawn, sketchy, appearance
Moves a DOM element along an SVG path (or do whatever along a path...)
Svg Filters
🔮 Fildrop. A set of custom SVG Filters
easy drawing in jupyter
Darklaf - A themeable swing Look and Feel based on Darcula-Laf
🖖📈 Modern charts for Vue 2.0
A standalone c++ library to create, animate, manipulate and render SVG files.
Go minifiers for web formats
Term Sheets
Create animated terminal presentations. Export as SVG, animated GIF, or HTML+CSS
Python Barcode
㊙️ Create standard barcodes with Python. No external dependencies. 100% Organic Python.
Quick Picture Viewer
🖼️ Lightweight, versatile desktop image viewer for Windows. The best replacement for the default Windows photo viewer.
3,000+ gorgeous SVG logos, perfect for your README or credits page
Tools for editing Shapefile, GeoJSON, TopoJSON and CSV files
Ruby SVG Image Builder
✭ 237
Markdown with svg bob support
A javascript-only SVG to PDF conversion utility that runs in the browser. Brought to you by yWorks - the diagramming experts
Vue Content Loader
SVG component to create placeholder loading, like Facebook cards loading.
Ember Svg Jar
🍯 Best way to use SVG images in Ember apps
React Svg Inline
DEPRECATED, I recommend you the tool SVGR
Svg Credit Card Payment Icons
SVG Credit Card & Payment Icons: 6 Styles, 80 Icons
Simple, responsive, modern SVG Charts with zero dependencies
Go parsers for web formats
Density Converter
A multi platform image density converting tool converting single or batches of images to Android, iOS, Windows or CSS specific formats and density versions given the source scale factor or width/height in dp. It has a graphical and command line interface and supports many image types (svg, psd, 9-patch, etc.) aswell as some lossless compressors like pngcrush.
Gooey React
The gooey effect for React, used for shape blobbing / metaballs (0.5 KB) 🧽
Svg Path Visualizer
Enter a SVG path data to visualize it and discover all its different commands
Svg Url Loader
A webpack loader which loads SVG file as utf-8 encoded DataUrl string.
✭ 217
React Sigma
Lightweight React library for drawing network graphs built on top of SigmaJS
Kld Intersections
A library of intersection algorithms covering all SVG shape types
Ng Inline Svg
[Inactive] Angular directive for inserting an SVG file inline within an element.
Contrast Swatch
🅰️ Image microservice for color contrast information
React Svg Buttons
React configurable animated svg buttons
Fonteditor Core
fonteditor core functions
Convert your ascii diagram scribbles into happy little SVG
Picasso is a high quality 2D vector graphic rendering library. It support path , matrix , gradient , pattern , image and truetype font.
Small N Flat
svg icons on a 24px grid
UI-Router state visualizer and transition visualizer
Concise, consistent, and legible badges in SVG and raster format
The JavaScript library for modern SVG graphics.
Svg Patterns
SVG patterns for Data Visualization.
Svg Text Animate
A Javascript library for convert texts to SVG stroke animations in the browser.
Virtual Dom
The foundation of HTML and SVG in Elm.
Vue Awesome
Awesome SVG icon component for Vue.js, built-in with Font Awesome icons.
Animating Vue Workshop
Animated Interfaces with Vue.js Workshop Materials
Svelte Awesome
Awesome SVG icon component for Svelte JS, built with Font Awesome icons. Based on Justineo/vue-awesome
React Simple Maps
Beautiful React SVG maps with d3-geo and topojson using a declarative api.
Jim Knopf
⭕️ small JavaScript library to create knobs using SVG
Free Gophers Pack
✨ This pack of 100+ gopher pictures and elements will help you to build own design of almost anything related to Go Programming Language: presentations, posts in blogs or social media, courses, videos and many, many more.
Icon library
💪 Rich Android Path. 🤡 Draw as you want. 🎉 Animate much as you can.
Vue Eva Icons
Is a pack of more than 480 beautiful open source Eva icons as Vue components
Svg Gauge
Minimalistic, animated SVG gauge. Zero dependencies
Svg Sprite Module
Optimize SVG files and combine them into sprite
🐯 visx | visualization components
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