Top 2714 groovy open source projects

1. Gradle Versions Plugin
Gradle plugin to discover dependency updates
✭ 3,076
2. Swissknife
A multi-purpose library containing view injection and threading for Android using annotations
✭ 253
3. Coveralls Gradle Plugin
👨‍🔧 gradle plugin for coveralls
4. Codenarc
CodeNarc source
✭ 248
5. Jervis
Travis-like Jenkins job generation using Job DSL plugin groovy scripts. Reads .travis.yml and generates a job in Jenkins.
6. Gradle License Plugin
Gradle plugin that provides a task to generate a HTML license report of your project.
9. Gradle Appengine Plugin
Gradle plugin that provides tasks for uploading, running and managing Google App Engine projects
✭ 242
10. Gdx Rpg
java & libgdx制作的RPG游戏! an RPG by java and LibGDX
11. Gradle Cargo Plugin
Gradle plugin that provides deployment capabilities to local and remote containers via Cargo
12. Grails Core
The Grails Web Application Framework
13. Asciidoctor Gradle Plugin
A Gradle plugin that uses Asciidoctor via JRuby to process AsciiDoc source files within the project.
✭ 235
15. Grails Spring Security Core
Grails Spring Security Core Plugin
✭ 231
16. Gradlerio
The official gradle plugin for the FIRST Robotics Competition
✭ 232
17. Spock Reports
This project creates a global extension to Spock to create test reports.
18. Gradle Witness
A gradle plugin that enables static verification for remote dependencies.
✭ 229
19. Gaelyk
A lightweight Groovy toolkit for Google App Engine Java
✭ 228
20. Gradle Android Git Version
A gradle plugin to calculate Android-friendly version names and codes from git tags
21. Core
CoRE - Community's own Rule Engine
✭ 227
22. Icescrum
iceScrum is a web application for using Scrum while keeping the spirit of a collaborative workspace. It also offers virtual boards with post-its for sprint backlog, product backlog and others.
24. Dgate
an API Gateway based on Vert.x
25. Xiaomi
my Xiaomi Device Handlers for Smartthings
✭ 223
26. Gpars
The GPars concurrency and parallelism framework for the JVM
✭ 221
27. Roboaspectj
A gradle plugin that enables AOP in android.
✭ 221
28. Okky
✭ 219
29. Gmavenplus
A rewrite of GMaven, a Maven plugin for Groovy
30. Platform
The lean and modular platform for modern applications
✭ 216
31. Badass Jlink Plugin
Create a custom runtime image of your modular application
32. Shadow
Gradle plugin to create fat/uber JARs, apply file transforms, and relocate packages for applications and libraries. Gradle version of Maven's Shade plugin.
✭ 2,766
33. Grooscript
Converts your Groovy code to Javascript
✭ 213
34. Dependency Check Gradle
The dependency-check gradle plugin allows projects to monitor dependent libraries for known, published vulnerabilities.
✭ 213
35. Gradle One Jar
The gradle-one-jar project is a Gradle plugin that uses One-JAR, a specialised Class-Loader written by Simon Tuffs (, for building self-contained executable jars that include all dependencies.
✭ 211
36. Gradle Git Repo Plugin
Use a private git repo as a repository
✭ 210
38. Componentcornerstone
🐜🐜 一种全新的android组件化方案,无需下沉公用代码,无需采用路由等硬编码方式分发sdk,独立维护组件暴露的SDK/IMPL,打破官方模块循环且支持组件间互相调用SDK,支持集成组件调试/组件独立运行。A brand new android componentization solution, no need to sink public code, no need to use hard coding to distribute sdk, independent maintenance component exposed SDK / IMPL, break the official module loop and support the call between components The SDK supports integrated component debugging/components to run independently.
39. Sa Sdk Android Plugin2
神策数据官方 Android 埋点插件,用于 Android 端的数据采集。通过使用字节码插桩(ASM)的技术实现 Android 端的全埋点(无埋点、无码埋点、无痕埋点、自动埋点)。
✭ 206
40. Cheatsheet Jenkins Groovy A4
📖 Groovy CheatSheet For Jenkins Usage In A4
✭ 206
41. Micro Infra Spring
Repository containing default microservice infrastructure set up using Spring configuration
✭ 205
42. Moqui Framework
Use Moqui Framework to build enterprise applications based on Java. It includes tools for databases (relational, graph, document), local and web services, web and other UI with screens and forms, security, file/resource access, scripts, templates, l10n, caching, logging, search, rules, workflow, multi-instance, and integration.
43. My Bloody Jenkins
Self Configured Jenkins Docker image based on Jenkins-LTS
44. Android Native Dependencies
Gradle plugin for resolving and downloading Android native dependencies (.so)
✭ 203
45. Grails Spring Security Rest
Grails plugin to implement token-based, RESTful authentication using Spring Security
✭ 198
46. Smartthings
My SmartThings Projects
✭ 198
47. Ipaddress
Java library for handling IP addresses and subnets, both IPv4 and IPv6
48. Asgard
[Asgard is deprecated at Netflix. We use Spinnaker ( ).] Web interface for application deployments and cloud management in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Binary download:
49. Bamboobsc
bambooBSC is an opensource Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Business Intelligence (BI) Web platform. BSC's Vision, Perspectives, Objectives of strategy, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Strategy Map, and SWOT, PDCA & PDCA report, Time Series Analysis.
50. Gradle Swagger Generator Plugin
Gradle plugin for OpenAPI YAML validation, code generation and API document publishing
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