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Wukong Robot
🤖 wukong-robot 是一个简单、灵活、优雅的中文语音对话机器人/智能音箱项目,还可能是首个支持脑机交互的开源智能音箱项目。
A RobotC Library for Vex Robotics
EEG Reader is an Android mobile application, which reads EEG signal from NeuroSky mobile device connected to smartphone via Bluetooth.
Resources for Book: Deep Learning for EEG-based Brain-Computer Interface: Representations, Algorithms and Applications
SSVEP-based BCI recording of 12 subjects operating an upper limb exoskeleton during a shared control task. The exoskeleton is either controlled with a touchless interface detecting hand poses or with BCI.
With the Brain Powered honourscourse at the UvA we aimed to control a drone using brain signals, measured by means of EEG, only.
Web Bluetooth client for the Ganglion brain-computer interface by OpenBCI
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